Tether: Daniel Dae Kim & Amazon Teaming Up for New Supernatural Series


Tether: Daniel Dae Kim & Amazon Teaming Up for New Supernatural Series

Tether: Daniel Dae Kim & Amazon teaming up for new supernatural series

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lost alum Daniel Dae Kim in partnership with Amazon Studios is in the process of developing a brand new supernatural series titled Tether. This project will be part of Kim’s first-look deal with Amazon.

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“Kevin and Travis have an incredible topical voice that uses narrative storytelling and genre to disrupt and illuminate. They have a purposeful strength in subverting expectations, showcasing unrepresented characters and worlds,” producer Tara Bohn said in a statement. “As in Tether, they write about average people who consider themselves good, inclusive, and even progressive, who still fall prey to their own fears and prejudices.”

Described as a genre-bending ghost story, Tether centers around the story of Madelyn Wood, a woman driven to find her kidnapped husband and son as she also tries to exact revenge on those who hurt them and had murdered her. Now a ghost, and tethered to the house she died in, Madelyn must find a way to escape her supernatural prison and save the ones she loves.

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The series will be written and executive produced by Kevin Hamedani and Travis Betz, who are also set as showrunners. Kim, John Cheng, and Tara Bohn will be executive producing through their 3AD banner.