Lord & Miller's Clone High Reboot in Development at MTV!

Lord & Miller’s Clone High Reboot in Development at MTV!

Long before bringing Jump Street and LEGOs to the big screen and winning an Oscar with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller co-created the short-lived Clone High and now the cult classic adult animated sitcom is getting the reboot treatment at MTV Studios, according to Deadline.

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Though the production company is behind the development of the reboot, it’s currently unclear if it will also be the network airing the series as it’s not currently attached to one. Given fellow MTV animated hit Beavis and Butt-Head recently landed a two-season revival order at fellow ViacomCBS network Comedy Central, along with Daria spin-off Jodie, there’s a chance the Clone High revival could be looking for a network whose demographic are better suited for the material than the current MTV audience.

Originally created by Lord, Miller and Bill Lawrence (Cougar Town), the series followed prominent historical figures who have been cloned and placed in high school, with the most notable being Abraham Lincoln, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc and John F. Kennedy, amongst others. The reboot will see Erica Rivinoja, a write on the original series, serve as showrunner and co-write the pilot alongside Lord and Miller.

We thrilled to reunite with Phil Lord, Chris Miller and Bill Lawrence to re-imagine this cult classic as we rapidly grow our portfolio of beloved and iconic adult animation series,” Chris McCarthy, President, ViacomCBS Entertainment and Youth Group, said in a statement.

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The 2002 series was a co-production between Canadian cable network Teletoon and MTV and ran on the former in its entirety between 2002-03 before making its debut on MTV. It was infamously pulled from the music-based network shortly after its debut as its portrayal of Mahatma Gandhi received widespread criticism from India, prompting hundreds to mount a hunger strike. Given it was receiving low ratings and generally mixed reviews, MTV pulled the plug, however in the years since it has gone on to earn critical acclaim and garner a massive cult following.

Lord and Miller have even frequently referenced the series throughout their various films over the years, including multiple jokes in 22 Jump Street being lifted from the show, Will Forte reprising his voice role as Lincoln in The Lego Movie and a film poster featuring Lincoln and JFK on display in Miles Morales’ Times Square entitled “Clone College.”


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