Female-Led The Star Chamber Series in the Works at Amazon Studios


Female-Led The Star Chamber Series in the Works at Amazon Studios

Female-led The Star Chamber series in the works at Amazon Studios

It has already been 37 years since the theatrical release of Oscar winner Michael Douglas’ crime drama film The Star Chamber, and now Deadline is bringing word that Amazon Studios is in the process of developing series reboot of the 1983 film which will be led by a female protagonist. The project hails from Sheldon Turner and Jennifer Klein through their Vendetta Productions banner which will be part of the company’s overall deal with 20th Century Fox TV and Fox 21 TV Studios.

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Inspired by the 1983 film of the same name, The Star Chamber series will follow the story of a revered female federal appellate court judge in San Francisco. She leads a shadowy group of judges that decide to right the wrongs of the broken legal system as she struggles to balance her obligations to law, to religion and to her family.

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The original film was directed by Peter Hyams, who co-wrote the script with Roderick Taylor. It followed Michael Douglas’ Steve Hardin, an idealistic Los Angeles Judge, as he becomes frustrated with the technicalities of the law that prevents the prosecution of three criminals, who were each accused of heinous crimes. To solve his problem, Hardin was advised by another fellow judge about the existence of a modern-day Star Chamber, which was originally derived from the 15th-17th century English court where it doesn’t honor the standards of due process. The modern-day Star Chamber is group of judges that identifies criminals who cannot be brought to justice through the judicial system, and takes action against them using a hired assassin.

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The Star Chamber series will be written and executive produced by Sheldon Turner. It will also executive produced by Jennifer Klein and Ileen Maisel, who was the original’s development executive. The series is a co-production by Amazon Studios and Fox 21 TV Studios.

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