Exclusive: Maximiliano Hernández on Possible Jasper Sitwell MCU Return

Maximiliano Hernández’s SHIELD agent Jasper Sitwell, introduced way back in Thor, was initially just an erstwhile company man and one of Nicky Fury’s howling special agents. But in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it was revealed that Sitwell was actually a sleeper agent for evil Nazi offshoot Hydra, and was a key figure in a conspiracy that would ultimately bring down the super-secret spy organization. While he met his fate in that film, this being Marvel, he still came back for last year’s record-breaking Avengers: Endgame.

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We caught up with Hernández on the red carpet for Disney+’s wonderful new film Stargirl (streaming starting on Friday) and had to ask him -between the time-traveling shenanigans of Avengers: Endgame that should lead into the trippy Loki and the talk of multiverses and how they play into WandaVision– would Sitwell be making an appearance on the Disney+ TV offshoot of the MCU

When we brought up the multiverses and time travel, he nodded and said, “I know.” But when we pressed about whether or not he’d be a part of the Disney+ extension of the MCU, he wasn’t sure. “You know what? I have no idea.” He still sounded pretty game. Hernández continued: “I have a special idea and Marvel is the only one who has that number. So when they call, I pick it up and I know exactly what happens.”

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Stargirl is out on Disney+ this Friday. We’ll see whether or not Hernández (and thusly Agent Sitwell) shows up when the Disney+ MCU projects start streaming this fall.


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