Justice Smith Returning to Television in HBO Max’s Generation


Justice Smith Returning to Television in HBO Max's Generation

Justice Smith returning to television in HBO Max’s Generation

After finding big screen success with last year’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and this year’s Detective Pikachu, Justice Smith has set his eyes on his next project with the upcoming HBO Max pilot Generation, signing on as one of ten new cast members, according to Variety.

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Created and directed by Daniel Barnz (Cake), the pilot will follow a group of high school students as they learn new things about life, love and family in their conservative community while they explore modern sexuality.

In addition to Smith, the series will also star Michael Johnston (Teen Wolf), Chloe East (Kevin (Probably) Saves the World), Uly Schlesinger (Divorce), Nava Mau (Waking Hour), Haley Sanchez, Nathanya Alexander (Ocean’s Eight), Lukita Maxwell (Speechless), Chase Sui Wonders (Daniel Isn’t Real), Sam Trammel (True Clood) and Martha Plimpton (Brockmire).

Smith will portray the series regular role of Chester, described as a “deep thinker,” “star water polo player” and “straight A student” who pushes boundaries and resists labels with his queer sexuality who hides a deeper mystery to his inner loneliness that contradicts his seemingly open nature. Johnston has signed on to play Ollie, the school’s introverted young new guidance counselor who sets himself apart from other teachers with his forthright honesty with the students who connects on a deep level to Chester’s loneliness.

East is set to play the series regular role of Naomi, described as “outspoken, crass” and the “hard-edged” twin sister to Nathan that comes from a wealthy Christian family and tends to drive others away with her disposition, but is really vulnerable and insecure who’s struggled to define her own identity separate from her family. Schlesigner is signed on as Nathan, who is a mix of “jaded” and “innocent” and feels pressure from his family to be the golden boy, hiding his bisexuality from his family.

Sanchez is set to play Greta, a first generation Latinx whose activist mother was recently detained by ICE and is trying to find a balance between beinng bold, reserved and emotional. Mau is set to play Ana, Greta’s aunt who recently came out as trans, which deteriorated the relationship with Greta’s mother and is struggling to be a positive queer figure for Greta while also not standing for transphobia and toxic masculinity.

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Alexander is set to play Arianna, described as “caustically funny” while “lacking social skills,” struggling to find a balance between listening to gossip and keeping secrets and is only out to be seen by her peers, resulting in outrageous behavior such as making homophobic comments, despite having gay dads, and judging other harshly. Maxwell is set to portray Delilah, a social justice warrior that most take a disliking to who is struggling with being a misunderstood soul and will go through a difficult arc after being sexually assaulted.

Wonders has signed on to star as Riley, a fully self-independent teen with maturity unheard of at her age whose father is a self-sabotaging politician in Anaheim and whose mother works in politics in DC. Trammell will portray the recurring role of Mark, a successful OC investor and Nathan’s father who has a wholesome Christian exterior and is initially detached as a father until his son’s coming out forces him to reexamine his life.

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