Hulu Not Moving Forward with Planned Ghost Rider TV Series


Gabriel Luna To Return as Ghost Rider In Hulu Series

Hulu Not Moving Forward with Planned Ghost Rider TV Series

Earlier this year we learned that Hulu was developing both a new Ghost Rider TV series and a Hellstrom TV series with Marvel Television, but now their plans have changed. Deadline reports that creative differences between the Ghost Rider team and Hulu about the series has lead to the abrupt end to development. The trade reports that it’s unclear if Marvel Television will shop the series elsewhere.

Ingrid Escajeda was set to serve as showrunner for the series and executive produce with Paul Zbyszewski and Jeph Loeb. Gabriel Luna, who played the character on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, was set to return as the Robbie Reyes iteration of the character, albeit in a reboot of the character unrelated to his work on SHIELD. Perhaps this confusing move was one of the reasons the series stalled, but the real reason remains to be seen. The Hellstrom series is still seemingly in development.

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Hulu and Marvel still remain in cahoots however as Marvel’s Runaways will premiere its third season in December of this year. They’re also developing four different animated series including  M.O.D.O.K., Hit-Monkey, Tigra & Dazzler Show and Howard the Duck, as well as the special The Offenders, which will bring all of these heroes together for a team-up mission in the same vein as The Avengers and Netflix’s The Defenders.

The Ghost Rider character first appeared in the pages of Marvel Comics back in 1972, and has remained one of their most popular anti-heroes. A former motorcycle stuntman, he sells his soul to who he believes to be the Devil (later revealed to be the demon Mephisto), he’s consumed with avenging the blood of the innocent. The Johnny Blaze iteration of the character was portrayed by Nicolas Cage in the non-MCU films Ghost Rider and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.