Gabriel Luna To Return as Ghost Rider In Hulu Series


Gabriel Luna To Return as Ghost Rider In Hulu Series

Gabriel Luna to return as Ghost Rider in Hulu series

Variety has brought word that the upcoming Hulu live-action series surrounding the devilish motorcycle-riding antihero Ghost Rider has tapped Gabriel Luna to reprise his role as the Robbie Reyes iteration of the character.

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Luna previously portrayed the Reyes Rider in the fourth season of ABC’s Agents of SHIELD, and despite announcing that he knew of plans to spin off his character into a solo series, the character went dormant for three years until Hulu announced both the Ghost Rider and Helstrom series. In a movie sure to confuse fans, the new iteration of Reyes however will feature no connections to his story arc on SHIELD.

Marvel’s Ghost Rider centers on Robbie Reyes, the quintessential antihero, who lives on the Texas/Mexico border, consumed by hellfire and supernaturally bound to a demon. When he unleashes the Rider, Robbie brings vengeance for the innocents he encounters, but struggles controlling the power he wields. The series is executive produced by Ingrid Escajeda, who will serve as showrunner, Paul Zbyszewski and Marvel Television’s Jeph Loeb.

“I couldn’t be more excited and honored to be handed the reins to a Marvel character as beloved as GHOST RIDER. This story hits every note for me—my love for grounded yet conflicted characters and my desire to scare the $&!# out of people! It’s important to me to find a take that thrills existing fans as well as wider audiences and I believe we’ve done just that,” said Executive Producer and Showrunner, Ingrid Escajeda.

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The character first appeared in the pages of Marvel Comics back in 1972, and has remained one of their most popular anti-heroes. A former motorcycle stuntman, he sells his soul to who he believes to be the Devil (later revealed to be the demon Mephisto), he’s consumed with avenging the blood of the innocent. The Johnny Blaze iteration of the character was portrayed by Nicolas Cage in the non-MCU films Ghost Rider and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.