Supernatural Season 14 Episode 3 Recap


Supernatural Season 14 Episode 3 Recap

Supernatural season 14 episode 3 recap

In last week’s Supernatural episode, Michael began to build his super army while Sam, Bobby, and Mary tracked him down as Castiel played babysitter to Jack and Nick. Michael suddenly left Dean’s body, and Nick — unbeknownst to anyone — ended up brutally murdering his old, innocent neighbor while seeking vengeance for his dead family.

In last night’s episode, Dean returned to the bunker with Sam as everyone wondered why Michael suddenly vacated his vessel. As Castiel and Jack stayed behind to help a cursed girl, Sam and Dean met up with Sheriff Jody Mills to get some answers about the scar on Dean’s arm, who put it there, and what exactly was capable of hurting Michael before he left Dean’s body.

The Returned

The Winchester brothers returned to the bunker and Dean gave his little brother a hard time about Sam’s grief beard. Sam tried to ask Dean how he was, and Dean told Sam that he didn’t remember his time being possessed. For Dean, it was a blink: One minute he was saying yes to Michael, the next he was walking into the room with Sam, Mary, and Bobby.

Dean was slightly disoriented when he saw the hunters from the Apocalypse World roaming the bunker, especially when one of them referred to Sam as “chief” since the younger Winchester took on a leadership role while Dean was gone. Dean reunited with Castiel and Jack as Sam explained that Mary and Bobby stayed behind in Duluth to clean up the dead werewolves.

After Dean took off to his room, Castiel and Jack told Sam that Nick was gone and had left a note saying he had personal business to attend to. When they asked more about Dean and Michael, Sam told them that they don’t have any answers as to why Michael left or how Dean was really doing even though he kept pretending he was okay. In his room, Dean started taking off his shirts and noticed a scar on his right arm with no memory of how it got there.

Wayward Sisters

Dean asked Castiel to use his angel powers to mind-meld with him to force a few memories loose. After Castiel touched the scar on Dean’s arm, they both saw a dark-robed figure stabbing Michael with a double-pointed spear in the arm. Dean recognized the figure as the same being that killed Kaia (from the “Wayward Sisters” episode last season) in the Bad Place alternate universe. The boys called Jody Mills to let her know.

After Jody connected Dean’s scar to wounds she had seen on a few dead bodies in Sioux Falls, Sam and an eager Dean headed to Jody. In the car, Sam noticed Dean speeding. Sam pointed out that Dean is running from what happened with Michael and told his brother that he just wanted him to talk to him, especially after weeks of believing Dean could have been dead. Sam waited for Dean to say something about Michael, but he deflected instead.

The brothers reunited with Jody, who reassured Sam that his grief beard looked great. Jody gave a quick rundown on the other girls, explaining that Alex is still working at the hospital, Patience is still in school, and that Claire didn’t know yet about Kaia’s killer showing up. Dean, not willing to wait until morning, led Sam and Jody through the woods searching for the thing that stabbed him and killed Kaia. Dean even tried to split up, but Sam and Jody talked him into staying together.

Dark Kaia

The three found the missing heads of the dead bodies Jody mentioned before and confirmed they were vampires. Jody reiterated to Sam that she had checked the bodies and there were no signs of vampirism. Afterward, Dean was attacked by the same person who stabbed Michael. They managed to fight of Sam, Dean, and Jody and was revealed to be Kaia’s alternate universe double, Dark Kaia.

Sam realized that the vampires must belong to Michael and his super army and they seemed to be hunting Dark Kaia. Sam and Jody talked about how she knows Claire reacts like a “powder keg” over anything involving Kaia, who was Claire’s “first love.” Jody then asked Sam about how he and Dean were doing, and Sam revealed that he knows Dean is working through something, but that his brother is also working through it alone.

Dark Kaia arrived at a cabin in the woods, only to be knocked out by Dean. Later tied up in a chair, she explained that she hadn’t meant to kill Kaia, she had been trying to kill Claire and it was an accident. Dark Kaia told them that she was afraid of the monsters that Michael kept sending after her. Jody suggested that they take Dark Kaia to the station to question her, but Dean wanted to “break her.” Dark Kaia said she knows that all Dean is after is the weapon she has that was able to hurt Michael.

Dean interrogated Dark Kaia, demanding to know where the weapon was. Kaia compared Dean to Michael, saying that he was just like him, which Dean denied. Kaia said that Dean uses threats and violence to get want he wants. Dark Kaia told Dean his anger and impatience comes from fear. Sam also realized that since both Kaias were Dreamwalkers, they had been able to see through each other’s eyes when Kaia was alive. A flashback revealed that Michael wanted Dark Kaia to join his army and wanted her spear. Dark Kaia declined and after a brief fight wounded Michael.

Sam voiced that Michael’s monsters were coming after Kaia because Michael knows the spear can hurt him. Sam warned that they needed to leave, but Jody pointed out that it was too late as three vampires appeared outside of the cabin. The hunters came under attack, leaving Jody with a broken arm and the boys overwhelmed at the hands of Michael’s super vamps. After Dean managed to free Dark Kaia by shooting the leg of her chair, she grabbed the spear and killed the vampires.

Dark Kaia kept the spear and left with it after the battle, but not before Sam told her that Michael was going to continue sending his monsters after her because of the weapon. In a little shout-out to Wayward Sisters, the spinoff series that The CW didn’t pick up after the backdoor pilot aired last year, Jody talked about seeing Kaia’s face again, having to tell Claire, and how raising three hunters meant that she has to fear losing one of them. She didn’t get a chance to really know Kaia, and Jody felt that she already lost “before I ever even began.”

Bunker Magic

At the bunker, Jack was sidelined from the hunt, leaving him with the desire to run away. After writing a note for Sam, Dean, and Castiel, Jack was on his way out the door when he overheard Castiel and a hunter, Jules, trying to help a girl named Lora who was hit with an aging spell from a now-dead witch. Castiel explained that they were going to try a reversal spell. Jack decided to stay and help.

Jack bonded with Lora, who explained that she ran away because she was tired of being treated like a kid and that’s how she was taken in by the witch. A couple of other girls died before the hunters found her. Jack promised Lora that Castiel would fix her. Castiel and Jules performed the reversal spell, but it ended up killing her. After crying and feeling helpless without his powers, Jack realized there was a way to bring Lora back.

Jack, Castiel, and Jules examined the dead witch’s body in the bunker’s morgue. Jack explained that the witch had sucked the girls’ life force to keep herself young and alive. The witch-killing bullet was still inside of the witch, preventing the magic from working. Jack believed that the magic then worked harder and began consuming more of Lora, causing the reversal spell to fail. Jack pulled the glowing green necklace from the dead witch and said that the object is what was cursed.

Jack smashed the necklace, freeing Lora’s lifeforce before it reentered Lora’s own necklace, bringing her back to life. Later, after Lora went home, Castiel told Jack how proud he was of him. Jack then started to cough, brushing it off as just a cold. Later, Jack coughed up blood into a tissue before more bloodied tissues were revealed in his trashcan.

Driving back to the bunker at the end of the episode, Dean told Sam he was right. Dean had been trying to avoid thinking about the possession and just wanted to get to the part where he killed Michael. Sam said that he knew that, and Dean said saying yes to Michael was stupid. Sam tried telling his brother that Dean did what he had to do. Dean finally revealed that being possessed by Michael wasn’t a “blink,” that he had been underwater and drowning, clawing and fighting for air and wasn’t strong enough to make it out. Sam teared up as he listened to what Dean went through. Dean finished by saying that everything Michael has done and the people he is hurting is Dean’s fault.

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