The Gifted Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

The Gifted Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

For most of The Gifted’s early season 2 episodes, Andy and Lauren Strucker have shared a dream about their reunion which quickly became a nightmare. In last week’s episode, Eclipse was finally reunited with Polaris in order to save their child. But when he refused to leave their side, the Inner Circle forced Eclipse into submission and removed him. In The Gifted season 2 episode 4, the Mutant Underground was finally ready to push back against the Inner Circle. But things didn’t exactly go as planned.

Crossing the Line

In a flashback, we learned that Caitlin’s pregnancy with Andy was dangerous for both mother and child. Despite the risk to her life, Caitlin refused to terminate the pregnancy. Back in the present, Lauren told her parents that she believes the shared dreams with Andy mean that only she can bring him back. In private, Reed told Thunderbird about his emerging powers and his desire to suppress them. However, Thunderbird said that Reed needs training more than anything else. The Underground also planned to approach Wire for additional help, but they soon discovered that Wire had been killed by the Inner Circle.

Wire’s brother, Graf, blamed the Underground for Wire’s death and he attacked them. Thunderbird was injured before they could take Graf down. Later, they tried to get Graf’s help as well, but he refused. In response, Caitlin injected Graf with a drug that gave him withdrawal symptoms from Kick, his drug of choice. That forced Graf to follow their demands, which led him to discover the Inner Circle’s plans to attack a mental institution.

Big Hack Attack

Caitlin stepped even further over the ethical line by offering Graf more Kick in return for his help hacking the security feed of the mental institution. Thunderbird, Blink, Eclipse, and Lauren arrived at the location after the Inner Circle’s attack had already begun. Graf’s abilities allowed the Struckers to see the action unfold on their monitor, but Sage successfully blocked their view with her mind. To help Graf overpower Sage, Caitlin gave Graf an extra large dose of Kick. It briefly worked, but the overdose also gave Graf a heart attack. He survived, but it doesn’t change the fact that Caitlin nearly got him killed.

Family Fractures

As Andy and the Inner Circle attempted to escape the facility with one of the prisoners, they were blocked by Eclipse and Lauren. Andy got out of the car and confronted his sister. She begged him to come home, but Andy refused and he was insulted by the idea that he was afraid. When they wouldn’t get out of his way, Andy turned his powers on Eclipse and Lauren. This time, Andy’s powers far surpassed his sister’s and he easily knocked them away, injuring her in the process while the Inner Circle got away.

Later, the Struckers came to terms about Andy’s actions, as the staff of the facility appeared on television to confess to mistreatment of mutants.

Jump on the Hate Train

Because of his inability to move on from hunting the mutants, Jace was on the outs with his wife. He was soon contacted by one of the officers from the D.C. police station that had kicked him out in the previous episode. At a restaurant, the officer told Jace that he was a member of the Purifiers, a human supremacy hate group. Jace initially rejected his recruitment offer, but his wife refused to take him back. When Jace saw the aftermath of the mental institute attack on TV, he changed his mind about joining the Purifiers.

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