Charmed Season 1 Episode 1 Recap


Charmed Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Charmed Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Charmed is back, reimagined by The CW and with a new incarnation of the Power of Three. We’ll be recapping a season full of witches, demons, and whitelighters. In this series premiere episode, a new group of Charmed Ones finds out who they are and the power they possess.


Marisol Vera was a professor of Women’s Studies and an advocate for victims of sexual harassment and assault. She supported Angela Wu, a student accusing Professor Thaine of sexual assault. When her daughters Mel and Maggie went out one night, a demon murdered her as she worked to unbind her daughters’ powers. When Mel and Maggie reunited with Marisol’s third daughter Macy, they became the Charmed Ones. Their whitelighter, Harry Greenwood, insisted that it was their choice to accept their powers, but it had to be unanimous.

The Power of Three

Charmed Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Mel Vera was a strong-minded advocate for women’s issues, similar to her mother. She protested passionately over Professor Thaine’s reinstatement after Marisol’s death and Angela Wu’s hospitalization due to overdose. Mel had dated Det. Nico Hamada, who broke up with her because Mel distanced herself when Marisol died. She discovered she had freezing powers, which she could control when she wasn’t angry. She could freeze her surroundings, which helped her get back together with Nico.

Maggie was the youngest sister. She was a freshman in college, who was rushing a sorority while avoiding her ex-boyfriend, Brian. Maggie could read people’s minds at a touch. She suspected the demon after her was one of the sorority girls, and reading their minds reinforced that idea.

Macy Vaughn was Marisol’s daughter, though she had a different father. She was a scientist and was working under Professor Thaine. Her power was telekinesis, which she learned how to control quickly. She struggled with her mother leaving her, but Mel and Maggie welcomed her into the family. By the end of the episode, she moved into their house.

Three Signs

Charmed Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Harry explained there were three signs of the apocalypse. The first was “basically the current president”. The second was a string of witches, including Marisol, dying. The third sign was one they didn’t know yet, but was characterized as the “awakening of the source of all evil”. It would be the Charmed Ones’ responsibility to stop the apocalypse. Harry insisted that they call for him if they ever needed him.

When Maggie was attacked by a demon dog, they searched for the dog’s demonic owner. Her ex-boyfriend Brian, not the sorority girl, turned out to be possessed by a demon. Macy scientifically deduced that baking soda would neutralize him. However, it wasn’t cold when he was around, leading them to conclude he wasn’t the demon responsible for their mother’s death. It was Professor Thaine, who was actually an upper-level demon called Taydeus, and he drained strong women of their strength. With the Power of Three, they vanquished him.

The episode ended with them contacting Marisol through a Ouija board. The board told them, “Don’t trust Harry.”

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