The Venture Bros. Season 7 Episode 10 Recap

Do you want the good news first? “The Venture Bros. will return,” according to the end credits. But this is the season 7 finale, and it will probably be about two years or more before we see another episode. Last week’s episode featured a bit of a cliffhanger for Hank as he discovered his girlfriend, Sirena, sleeping with his brother, Dean. Hank then collapsed from a serious head injury. The Venture Bros. season 7 episode 10 brings the lingering plotlines of the season to a close.

“Thank You For Accepting This Suicide Mission”


In the opening moments, a Guild black ops team used Rusty’s stolen teleportation tech to break into VenTech Tower. Rusty stumbled upon the operatives. who promptly kidnapped him. On Meteor Majeure, Watch and Ward subdued Rusty and ran a test that confirmed his blood relationship to the Monarch. Back in VenTech Tower, Brock Sampson began systematically murdering the Guild’s men. He thanked them for accepting this suicide mission before wiping them all out. But at least he offered them a piss break before killing them!

The Monarch’s Day of Reckoning

Meanwhile, the Monarch and Gary were summoned to Meteor Majeure to perform a bizarre Guild ritual. The council and their guests wore outlandish costumes while reenacting the story of Saphrax, the world’s first supervillain. Much to the Monarch’s disdain, Gary was promoted to a full Level 4 villain. Monarch was even given the chance to kill a helpless Rusty, who was bound and gagged.

However, the Monarch angrily refused to along with the easy kill and he quit the Guild for taking his best friend, his wife, and his nemesis. Gary also quit in solidarity with his “best friend.” This turned out to have been a test of the Monarch’s character, and he passed. Both Gary and the Monarch were elevated to Level 10 villainy, with Gary achieving the rank of number 2. Watch and Ward couldn’t resist spoiling the moment by revealing that the Monarch is related to Rusty.

Venture Bros. No More

In the real world, Dean read an extended letter to Hank as an apology for being such a poor brother. Hank was comatose, but he found himself in a dream-like world that resembled The Empire Strikes Back and Barbarella. Hank was joined by the Action Man and Dr. Phineas Phage, and Hank even tried to seduce a Wampa along the way. Action Man shared his belief that this was purgatory, and he let it slip that Hank and Dean’s mother was an actress named Bobbi St. Simone.

Although Hank couldn’t initially remember how he came to be in this dreamscape, he eventually recalled that Dean slept with Sirena. Hank escaped from the dream and quietly slipped away from the hospital. In the post credits scene, Dean was informed of his brother’s absence. Dean attempted to find Hank, as his brother narrated a riff on Darkman‘s ending. Hank said that he had to leave his family to grow up, but he was wearing his Batman mask at the time. So it’s still hard to take him seriously.

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