The Venture Bros. Season 7 Episode 9 Recap

Believe it or not, this is the penultimate episode of The Venture Bros. season 7. And some of the season’s plotlines have finally converged in unexpected ways, Last week’s episode showed us Rusty’s attempts to date a “Black Widow” while Dr. Mrs. the Monarch considered a retirement from villainy. The Venture Bros. season 7 episode 9 put those angles on the back burner as New York came under attack from a weather machine.

Thermal Suppository To the Rescue

Billy Quizboy was the unfortunate recipient of Rusty’s thermal suppository experiment during the devastating snowstorm. OSI contacted Rusty and tasked him with confronting the weather machine. When no else volunteered to help, Billy insisted that he accompany Rusty on a real Team Venture mission. He also demanded a real Team Venture hand sign from an exasperated Rusty. In the air, Rusty and Billy found the weather machine and disabled it using the thermal suppository.

Before heading back, Rusty and Billy picked up S-464, the Guild agent who was formerly a Peril Partnership mole. S-464 admitted that he piloted the weather machine in a bid to win the attention of OSI Agent Kimberly McManus. S-46 also voiced his disapproval of Rusty cyber stalking Novia, the so-called “Black Widow.”

Dream Team

In part because of their recent success, the Monarch and Gary were recruited for a secret Guild mission. Dr. Mrs. the Monarch and Dr. Z sent the “dream team” to find and eliminate the Creep, a former OSI agent turned Peril Partnership leader. As part of their cover, Gary and the Monarch pretended to be Guild defectors. The Creep proved to be deeply insane, and a collector of various superhero and villain gadgets.

While forcing the Monarch and Gary to play a deadly game of darts, they were all distracted by the arrival of time traveling Rusty and Billy from some point in the future. Rusty even called the Monarch by his real name, Malcolm. This suggested that the half-brothers may be on a first name basis in the future. The Creep was so distracted that the dart hit him on the head and killed him. Rusty and Billy reentered the time stream while Gary and the Monarch vowed never to reveal how they completed the mission.

Oh Brother…

Hank was going out of his mind with worry when Sirena wouldn’t return his text messages. Ignoring Sgt. Hatred’s warnings, Hank rushed out into the storm and promptly injured himself by diving into a snow bed. An unknown supervillain dressed as a bear found Hank and carried him to safety. Hank insisted on stopping for chips along the way, despite his serious head trauma. Together, they found Dean in bed with Sirena at the college. At first, Hank didn’t seem to realize that Dean and Sirena were cheating behind his back. Dean confessed, but Hank was in no condition to process his brother’s betrayal. Hank passed out after expressing relief that they could both see the bear.

In the post credits scene, Dr. Mrs. the Monarch reunited Kimberly with S-464. However, S-464’s memory had been wiped, and he no longer knew her. Kimberly cried out in despair when she realized what had happened.

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