The Venture Bros. Season 7 Episode 8 Recap

It’s extremely rare for The Venture Bros. to finish with the Monarch triumphant. But last week’s episode allowed the Monarch and Gary to get away with Rusty’s teleportation tech, which was his greatest achievement as a scientist. And how did The Venture Bros. season 7 episode 8 address this loss? By completely ignoring it because Rusty had a new ambition. Meanwhile, the Guild of Calamitous Intent’s Council of 13 faced their rivals for the last time.

Peril Partnership and the Final Arching

At a neutral location, Dr. Mrs. the Monarch and Red Death met with Blind Rage, a member of the Peril Partnership. Phantom Limb missed the meeting because of a wardrobe change, but Blind Rage essentially threatened the Guild unless they paid off the Peril Partnership. Much to Dr. Mrs. the Monarch’s annoyance, her fellow council members voted to buy their way out of trouble. She also discovered an arcane rule that meant all current council members had to retire from villainy. But first, they had one last arching to do.

Red Dragoon was spared any final battles because their heroic rivals had all died. Radical Left simply had to play Clue with his better half, Right Wing. Dr. Z’s last living rival was Action Johnny, the show’s thinly veiled version of Jonny Quest. There was even a flashback homage to that show, before Dr. Z and Johnny had a few bonding moments. Wide Wale was given an arching with an enemy he had already reconciled with. As for Red Death, he beat the hell out of Blind Rage and left him tied up on train tracks.

Deadly Date

Rusty had a meeting with Night Dick about Teresa Didae, a “black widow” with a history of killing her rich lovers. However, Rusty had no intention of stopping Teresa’s deadly ways. He simply wanted to date a beautiful woman willing to do anything. Rusty even had a moment of self-awareness about how pathetic he is. Since they couldn’t talk Rusty out of his foolish ambition, Hank, Dean, and Brock roleplayed with Rusty to help him survive the night. Dean actually played the part of Teresa, and scored a fake kill on his dad.

Say Goodbye To the Past

For her final arching, Dr. Mrs. the Monarch revisited her stint as Lady Au Pair, complete with her murderous Moppets. In the past, she was soundly defeated by Novia, who was by a great coincidence, Teresa. Gary adopted one of the Moppets’ signature costumes in support of Dr. Mrs. the Monarch, but she couldn’t go through with the arching. Instead, she embraced Novia…and stole her wallet while she wasn’t looking.

Rusty’s date with Teresa didn’t exactly go as planned, since he was high from the anti-venom concoctions that Brock gave him. Teresa was also alarmed by the way Brock kept a sniper riffle aimed at her throughout the night. She even had to tell Brock that Rusty’s collapse wasn’t her fault. Later, at the Guild headquarters, Wide Wale withdrew from the council rather than give up villainy. And when it came time for Dr. Mrs. the Monarch to choose between her seat on the council or the possibility of remaining a villain and teaming with her husband, she gave no reply before the episode ended.

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