The Venture Bros. Season 7 Episode 7 Recap

If The Venture Bros. is about anything, it’s failure. Considering this season’s revelations that the Monarch is a member of the family as well, the eternal shortcomings of Rusty and his half-brother seem doomed to endlessly repeat themselves. Last week’s episode played out their conflict via proxies. But The Venture Bros. season 7 episode 7 brought their agendas back to the forefront. And this time, there was a clear winner.

Game Changer

After decades of disappointment, Rusty finally achieved a near impossible dream: teleportation technology that really worked. Rusty’s first real accomplishment as a super scientist had him over the moon. Even the impromptu test on the Pirate Captain turned out to be a success. Unfortunately for Rusty, Brock and OSI realized the implications of Rusty’s breakthrough. Brock brought Rusty to a hidden floor in VenTech Tower, where Col. Hunter Gathers told him that he’d have to give up his new tech. When Rusty refused, Brock and Gathers restrained him, and arranged for him to meet the powers behind OSI. The shadow council was intrigued by Rusty’s invention, and they invited him to meet them.

Copy-Cat’s 7

Dr. Mrs. the Monarch convinced her husband, the Monarch, to take part in a seemingly minor heist. While the prospect of jumping a level in the Guild didn’t entice him, the Monarch still went along with it. The caper was led by Copy-Cat, who had assembled a bizarre team to steal Rusty’s teleporter. Ramburglar, Dot Comm, Tunnel Vision, Driver X, and Presto Change-O. If Presto sounds familiar, it’s because Mark Hamill gave him a very Joker-lite voice. Monarch was also put out to learn that he was essentially the recon of the team.

Gary was forced to retrieve Monarch’s wings while the heist unfolded. Copy-Cat’s team almost seemed like they had a chance before Gary discovered that it was all a set up for the real heist. Copy-Cat was only using them as a diversion for his heist, and Driver X was one of his duplicates. Inside and outside of VenTech Tower, the Monarch had an unbelievable run of good luck while his teammates fell one by one. In the end, only Monarch and Gary managed to escape Brock and OSI. But they also scored both halves of the teleportation device.

“Tiger Has Desires Too”

Meanwhile, Rusty was welcomed to a very Eyes Wide Shut style orgy party, which greatly unnerved him. Rusty even encountered Dr. Mrs. the Monarch in disguise as one of the guests. The members encouraged Rusty to take part in the debauchery, in exchange for his teleport tech. To make their point, they offered Rusty a night with Dr. Mrs. the Monarch or Tiger, a large scary looking man with weaponized penis attachments. A choice between the maiden or the tiger was no choice at all.

Naturally, Rusty gave into temptation and joined the orgy after all. But in the post credit scene, it was revealed that Rusty was still in OSI custody. The whole sex party was part of an elaborate VR simulation designed to make Rusty complaint. As Brock and Gathers looked on in disgust, Rusty had no idea that his most valuable innovation had been stolen.

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