Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Season 1 Episode 2 Recap


Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

In the previous episode of Amazon’s Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Jack watched Suleiman escape through a coordinated attack. This episode began with the stabbing of a priest in France and a briefing of what happened in Yemen.

Just Following the Money

At CIA headquarters, the higher-ups reviewed the incident in Yemen, including footage of Jack fighting off Suleiman and his brother Ali. While they believed Suleiman was part of ISIS, Jack insisted he was not. Greer backed him, pointing to ISIS not claiming responsibility. Nathan Singer assigned Suleiman to CTC Europe, not T-FAD.

Singer offered Jack a position on the Suleiman task force. It would not be with T-FAD or Greer. Singer didn’t trust Greer with the job. Jack asked for time to think about it.

Try Yoga

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Greer sent Jack to have his back examined. A MRI revealed various injuries from his past as a marine. He refused to be prescribed pills for the pain. Jack stopped at epidemiology where Catherine worked. He poorly hid the real reason a helicopter had picked him up from her father’s house. Catherine told him her father thought he was too moralistic and self-righteous. She dismissed what her father thought and gave him her phone number.

Mousa bin Suleiman

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Greer had taken Suleiman’s cell phone and tasked Jack with getting the passcode. He believed it would be personal to Suleiman. While watching the footage from Jack’s interrogation, they noticed Suleiman was an experienced prisoner. They discovered him to be a former French prisoner, and his prison number was the passcode.

“For you and your children”

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Hanin’s daughter Sara went to retrieve a soccer ball. One of the men that worked for Suleiman came onto her. She ran to her mother, who noticed how scared she was. Hanin spoke with Suleiman, who had just returned. She didn’t trust the men at the compound. He insisted she had to trust him because he was her husband.


With the knowledge that Paris was a source of money for Suleiman, Greer, Jack, and “Garth” worked with French intelligence (DGSI) to invade the cell there. Suleiman’s brother, Ali, was with them. The cell was filling cellphones with SIM cards pre-loaded with money. A kid in the hallway tipped them off. They gathered the cellphones and weapons, and a woman was forced to wear a bomb vest.

A firefight ensued, and Ali escaped with the bag of cellphones into the crowd running from the building. Jack noticed him and immediately took off to stop him. As he ran through the crowd outside, Jack aimed at him with a handgun but froze. Ali got away.

In the apartment, the SWAT team came upon the woman wearing the bomb and shot her. Her hand released the trigger, and behind Jack, the bomb exploded.

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