Ghoul Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Ghoul Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

In the previous episode of Netflix’s Ghoul; we met Nida, a Muslim woman assigned to interrogate terrorists at a prison in India. At the same time, a feared terrorist leader named Ali Saeed was transported to Nida’s prison. What will Nida learn in this episode? Let’s find out as we recap Ghoul season 1 episode 2 “The Nightmares Will Begin!”

Meeting Saeed

Ghoul Season 1 Episode 2

Ali Saeed was brought into the prison, which caused the prisoners to angrily attack the man who gave up Saeed. Nida was to begin to torturing Saeed, but she refused to do so after he called her by her name. The soldiers were sent to bed while Saeed was to be kept awake all night by loud music.

While sleeping, Nida dreamed that she had to shoot her father and was being applauded by Saeed. Once awake, Nida learned from other soldiers that everyone had nightmares the previous night. Nida confided in her commander that Saeed had referred to her by name, and her commander reassured her that it was not a big deal.


Ghoul Season 1 Episode 2

The next day, Saeed’s interrogation began. Saeed started to recount past tortures that the soldiers, Gupta and Chaudhary, performed. He then mentioned Nida’s father by name, before the cameras and microphone within the torture chamber went out. The two soldiers in the room began to fight over their decision to kill a woman and child, while Nida tried to mediate between them. Chaudhary stabbed Gupta for killing the woman, but accused Saeed of manipulating him. Gupta died from the stab wound. Sunil, the head of the prison, took over the interrogation.

Sunil began by threatening Saeed’s wife, Saeed responded by whispering incoherently. Nida realized that Saeed was whispering in a religious language. She brought a prisoner, who was a cleric, into the observation room and ordered him to translate Saeed’s whispers. The cleric stated that Saeed couldn’t know this language as it was too old. He translated that Saeed was talking about eating someone. Saeed began to imitate Sunil’s wife, which caused Sunil to get out jumper cables. Sunil used them to electrocute Saeed, which killed Saeed and turned off all power in the prison.

Call In The Cavalry

Ghoul Season 1 Episode 2

Nida noticed that the microphone in the torture chamber was still working and she began to listen in. She heard her father’s voice calling to her. Nida went to the torture chamber and found Saeed on the floor, but some sort of spirit began to attack her. She survived, the lights came back on and Saeed returned to normal. Sunil ordered his soldiers to call in Faulad Singh.

Sunil visited Nida in her private room, and revealed that Singh is a master interrogator. Nida and Sunil discussed her father and his resistance to the prison’s techniques. Sunil reassured Nida that Saeed will break and reveal the truth soon. Saeed was excited to learn that his new interrogator would be Faulad Singh.

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