Ghoul Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Netflix’s Ghoul; a 3 episode horror mini-series hailing from India has arrived! Let’s find out what kind of frights are in store as we recap season 1 episode 1 ‘Out of the Smokeless Fire’!

Terrorism Lessons

Ghoul Season 1 Episode 1

A military team was investigating a suspected terrorist safehouse. The team encountered a man who had cut a ritualistic symbol into his chest, and he directed the team to Ali Saeed, the target of the mission. They found Ali in a room with twenty, or more, dead bodies strewn on the floor. We cut to one month ago.

A woman, Nida, was told about the rise of an authoritarian regime that had taken control of the world. All books were burned, schools and libraries were closed. Nida noticed that her father was transporting illegal books. The pair were stopped by the police during their drive. Nida used her position as a member of the ‘Protection Squad’ to get them through the checkpoint.

Nida remembered the lessons she had been taught about the nature of terrorism and realized that her father might be planning an attack. She dutifully reported her father’s illegal books to the government and her father was arrested.

Nida’s father was interrogated and insisted that the police call Nida in order to clear up this mistake. Nida walked into the interrogation room and informed her father that she had him arrested. Nida attempted to convince her father to co-operate with the authorities, but he continued to resist.

Job Orientation

Ghoul Season 1 Episode 1

Back in the present, Nida is being assigned to work as an interrogation office in a terrorist detention center. One of the soldiers was very upset about Nida’s arrival. She insisted that Nadia was a terrorist because she was Muslim. Nida assured everyone that she is devoted to her country. Also that the terrorists that practice her religion, are not real Muslims.

Nida was shown around the prison that she will be working in, and she was also instructed on proper procedure for her interrogations. She met with the head of the prison, Sunil. Sunil revealed that she has been placed here for her dedication to the country. Nida was assigned to interrogate Ali Saeed, ahead of his arrival later that day.

Nida began to research the crimes that Ali Saeed had committed and was horribly disgusted by his atrocities. Through a series of interactions we see how deep-seeded every person’s hatred of Muslims extends. Ali Saeed arrived at the prison and was greeted by the soldiers. Nida was assigned to be on guard duty with Saeed first. The prisoners within the prison discussed the possibility of Ali Saeed begin captured and all agreed that it was an impossibility.

Sunil was warned that Ali Saeed doesn’t talk much, but when he does it is deeply frightening. Nida noticed that when Ali Saeed steps out of the transfer truck, the dogs surrounding the area stopped barking.

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