Better Call Saul Season 4 Episode 2 Recap


Better Call Saul Season 4 Episode 2 Recap

Chuck is dead and Jimmy is a bit broken as we enter “Breathe,” a.k.a. Better Call Saul Season 4 Episode 2. In the season premiere, Jimmy learned that he really was responsible for driving his brother to suicide, but he let Howard drown in his guilt without a second thought. Now it’s time to see what Jimmy does next.

Sellin’ Jimmy

Never let it be said that Jimmy isn’t a fantastic orator. His interview with the copier company went amazingly well, as he wowed them with his passion and his knowledge of copy machines. All of those years in the HHM mailroom really paid off in that department. Jimmy even pulled off the incredible trick of convincing the copier company to hire him on the spot. It might have even been a good fit for Jimmy, given his natural gifts. And yet something inside of Jimmy wouldn’t let him accept the win. Instead, he lashed out at his potential bosses for being so gullible and left them speechless when he rejected their offer. Later, Jimmy came across a money-making idea and left a message for Mike to call him back.

Kim Possible

Kim seemed shaken by Jimmy’s reaction to Howard’s confession in the previous episode. This week, Kim unloaded on Howard for attempting to lay his burdens on Jimmy on the day of Chuck’s funeral. Kim’s anger was so overwhelming that Howard could barely muster a defense. To be fair, Kim was absolutely right to be upset. Offering Jimmy a chance to search through the ashes of Chuck’s home and a single $5,000 check from Chuck’s estate was complete bulls***. Howard doesn’t want Jimmy to contest the will, but Chuck’s estate has to be worth millions. This fight may be far from over.

Cover Story

Mike had it made with his fake job as a security consultant at Madrigal. It was never supposed to be real, and Mike knew that. But his fatal flaw is that he simply couldn’t take the money for nothing even when it was literally his own money being laundered for him. Mike horrified Lydia with his plans to offer surprise security inspections at Madrigal’s other facilities, which sent her running back to Gus for a solution. But if anything, Gus seemed pleased by the turn of events and suggested that Lydia give Mike a proper security badge and clearance to do his job. However, Gus was less than pleased by Hector’s medical diagnosis, and he covertly arranged for his most hated foe to get the best medical treatment.

The Bag Man

With Hector seemingly out the way, Nacho felt more secure in his attempts to free his father and hopefully himself from his life of crime. Taking over the Salamanca collection routes, Nacho and his associate, Arturo, were even able to force Gus’ men to give up an extra share of their narcotics. And that’s where things went horribly wrong for Nacho. Gus had Arturo killed by asphyxiating him with a plastic bag while Nacho watched. Then Gus told Nacho that he knows all about his attempt to kill Hector, which the Salamanca cartel has yet to discover. To keep his secret, Gus told Nacho that he belongs to him now, and Nacho silently accepted it.

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