The Venture Bros. Season 7 Episode 3 Recap

Until now, every episode The Venture Bros. season 7 has ended with a cliffhanger, including last week’s installment which featured the arrival of the Blue Morpho. That’s a neat trick considering that the Monarch is the Blue Morpho, or so we thought. It looks like Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick have been planning this arc for years. Or at the very least, they have put the pieces of the puzzle together in convincing fashion. Now, let’s take a look back at The Venture Bros. season 7 episode 3!

The Blue Morpho Revealed

Vendata, a minor villain (but high ranking Guild member), has secretly been the original Blue Morpho all along. Last time we saw Vendata, Brock Sampson pummeled mercilessly pummeled him. Once he woke up, Vendata vaguely remembered where his home was and finally arrived at the Morpho cave where he resumed his former alter ego. This explains why the Morphomobile was missing in last week’s episode. There was also quite a bit of light shed on Jonas Venture’s real relationship with the Blue Morpho. Doctor Z has previously described the Blue Morpho as someone willing to do anything for the Ventue family, and now we know it’s because Jonas was blackmailing him with a sex tape.

Our Dinner With Brock

With the building sealed off, neither Brock nor the Guild of Calamitous Intent could get into VenTech Tower. To pass the time, Red Death shared the story of the ill-fated mission to Gargantua-1’s movie night that ended with the death of Jonas and every crew member on the station. Vendata was a member of the renegade Guild members who instigated that mission, but he had no knowledge that he was rebuilt as a cyborg by Jonas even before Dr. Z got his hands on him. Within their shared computer network, the Blue Morpho and Jonas recalled the same incident, although Blue Morpho didn’t recall actually opening the pod bay doors and murdering everyone. Perhaps this is a mystery for another time.

The Real Venture Bros.

One thing that isn’t a mystery is the relationship between Rusty Venture and the Monarch. While previous episodes have hinted that they might be related, this one confirmed that Jonas Venture fathered both children. Technically, that makes them the real Venture brothers. But it’s implied to have happened in a super sleazy way that involved Jonas impregnating the Blue Morpho’s wife when he had trouble fathering a child. Jonas also planned to secretly take over the Blue Morpho’s cybernetic body as his own, which led to a knockdown fight between the former friends. The Monarch arrived just in time to recognize the Blue Morpho as his father, before Rusty and the Monarch were swept up in the battle between their two dead fathers.

Fortunately, Rusty and the Monarch were saved from death by the Rusty Venture Thanksgiving parade, but Blue Morpho and Jonas appeared to have died once again. In a lucky break, the Guild leadership arrived just in time to witness the aftermath and credit the Monarch with killing the Blue Morpho. Perhaps he’s finally found his way on to the Council, although Red Death and Wide Wale both know his secret…

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