Legion Chapter 4 Recap and Preview for Next Week


Legion Chapter 4 Recap and Preview for Next Week

Legion chapter 4 recap and preview for next week

David is in some kind of fugue state. There is no medical reason he should be unconscious. Ptonomy can’t find him in his own head, but he’s not brain dead. Cary offers to give him a shot of adrenaline, but Melanie doesn’t think that will help. He is on an astral plane. When Melanie, Ptonomy, and Sydney were in his head, they saw glitches; like they activated a guardian. Melanie suggests Sydney, Ptonomy, and Kerry go find out what happened to David before Clockworks.

They first visit Dr. Poole’s office. The place has been untouched for years. They find a reel to reel tape machine in the closet, dented and bloody. Ptonomy says that objects have memories, too, and they take a peek. They see Poole asking David what the stars say, then a bloody, deformed image of Poole. Apparently the doctor came back while David was robbing the place and he broke the doctor’s skull. Sydney remembers that she saw David, just before the monster came, stuffing audio tape into his mouth. Maybe these are implanted memories from inside, hidden behind the fake ones. And maybe David came here to get rid of evidence, a conversation he had with Dr. Poole.

Meanwhile, Amy is being held in some kind of prison cell. She throws her meal tray across the room in frustration, and this alerts the person in the next cell. It is Dr. Kissinger. Amy tells him how she thinks she knew, deep down, that her brother had powers, and wasn’t mentally ill. He would know things he couldn’t possibly know, and he would talk to people who weren’t there. Kissinger mentions King, their beagle, but Amy informs him they never had a dog.


During a quiet moment, we find out a little bit about Kerry and Cary. They are two people who share one body. Cary does the “boring stuff” – eating, sleeping, peeing – while Kerry gets to do the fighting. She keeps him safe. Kerry only ages when she is outside of Cary.

Melanie has a visitor to her office: a see-through vision of a person in an old-fashioned dive suit. She is alarmed, and thinks that “he” is waking up. Down in a basement room, she and Cary visit the real man in the dive suit, Oliver. The room is frozen over.

We finally meet up with David, stuck on his far-out astral plane. The dive suit man motions for David to follow, and he does, up a set of metal rings, through a hole in what looks like an ice chunk. Inside is a pristine, white, mid-century modern living room. Oliver steps out of the dive suit and offers David a drink. “What’s real in this space is whatever you want, so I figure I’ll wait in style,” he explains. Judging by his leisure suit, he has been stuck on this plane since the 1960s. The cold is the only thing he can’t fix in here. Oliver shares good news and bad news with David. The bad news is that it’s not the drugs that have him stuck here. “You went too far in the make believe and you got lost in this no-place.” But the good news isn’t much better: “I’m not alone anymore!” Oliver assures David the monster he brought with him can’t get inside this ice chunk, but David wants out. He tries using his powers, but it doesn’t work. Oliver opens a doorway for him and promises to look out for him as best he can, and tells David to come back any time.

Sydney’s team has found Philly. She is a realtor. Ptonomy and Sydney will play a married couple, looking for a house, and Sydney will chat with Philly, keeping her busy while Ptonomy peeks through her memories. He sees Philly, Poole, and David having dinner together, but there is a glitch. A careful scrubbing reveals that the glitch is an image of Poole’s house, a distinctive lighthouse. Ptonomy is ready to leave the realtor’s office, but Sydney can’t help but ask about David, claiming she “looked familiar.” Philly thought she could “fix” David, but he had a friend named Benny, a pusher. Sydney asks her to confirm it was Benny, a male, not Lenny, a female. Philly confirms. Before they leave, she has a message for David: “Tell him they’re watching.”


Next the group heads out to Dr. Poole’s lighthouse. He is hesitant to let them in, but eventually does. Poole treated David off and on for three years. When he was on his medication, he was “open,” but when he went off it…. Poole confirms there was a friend, a man named Benny, who had a negative effect on David’s treatment. Before the break-in, David had doubled his sessions. Poole thought he had something he wanted to say, but couldn’t. “What did the stars say?” Sydney asks gently. Poole wants to ask David the same thing. He makes mention of Melanie, which causes everyone to freeze. Suddenly commandos appear. “It’s a trap!” Dr. Poole turns into The Eye, and the kids run upstairs. Kerry jumps out the window, excited because now she gets to fight.

In a lengthy montage, we see all sorts of things. Kerry is kicking ass, while Cary, sweeping up in his lab, moves through her actions in the same way. The Eye rolls up his sleeves and moves towards Ptonomy, tossing him to the bed. He then approaches Sydney, who comes at him with her glove off. In a split second, Sydney is in The Eye’s body, and The Eye is on the floor, in her body. The commandos come in and “The Eye” tells them to put them in the vehicle. “Sydney” tries to warn them it’s a trick; “The Eye” kicks her unconscious.

Back in David’s astral plane, he is with Lenny (not Benny) and he is not in the mood for her crap. She enjoys playing the “I told ya so” card with his new friends at Summerland, and tells him they have to get out of here. As motivation, she turns on a TV and shows him that “Sydney” is unconscious in the bad of a van being driven by “The Eye.”

This works. David screams and is suddenly on the road, the van crashing into a tree to avoid hitting him. David rushes to get “Sydney” and the others out of the van. After cutting “Sydney” free, he gives her his knife for protection. As David tries to help Ptonomy and Kerry, “Sydney” is poised to stab David when “The Eye” wakes and throws a crowbar, knocking “Sydney’s” knife aside. David tells “Sydney” to run and she does, while David tackles “The Eye.” Suddenly they switch back into their own bodies, and David realizes he has tackled Sydney. The Eye gets one shot off – and it hits Kerry, who drops. In the office, Cary drops too, a gunshot wound in the same location. David is terrified as all this unfolds around him… and Lenny appears over his shoulder, and evil grin on her face.

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