The Mandalorian Explained: What Are the Space Whales That Grogu Saw?

Midway through The Mandalorian Season 3’s premiere, fans got to see Grogu witness some enormous whale-like shadows maneuvering through hyperspace as he and Mando went to Navarro. These “space whales” have already played a big part in the overall story of Star Wars and may be important to the upcoming Ahsoka series.

What Are the Star Wars Space Whales?

Known as Purrgil, these creatures live in deep space and are naturally able to fly through hyperspace. They often approach ships in hyperspace, leading to collisions and accidents, though Force-sensitive individuals are able to connect with Purrgil and communicate with them somewhat. They’re typically the size of a small starship and they live and travel in flocks.

How Do They Relate to Ahsoka?

The Purrgil have already had quite an important role in the finale of Star Wars Rebels, which was already setting up the concept of the upcoming Ahsoka spin-off series.

ComingSoon spoiler alert

At the end of Star Wars Rebels, the young Jedi Ezra Bridger used multiple Purrgil to take the Chimaera — Grand Admiral Thrawn’s flagship –into hyperspace and away from Lothal, where it was locked in a battle with rebel forces. Ezra was on the ship with Thrawn, meaning he and Thrawn were both brought through hyperspace to an unknown destination by the creatures.

The end of Rebels also saw Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren — a Mandalorian warrior and friend/ally of Ezra’s — set out to find the young Jedi. Upon her next appearance in The Mandalorian Season 2, Ahsoka confronted Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth and asked her where Elsbeth’s master, Grand Admiral Thrawn, was.

It’s clear that Ahsoka and Sabine are still looking for Ezra and Thrawn and that this will be a large part of the Ahsoka series — especially since Ezra and Sabine have both been cast for the show already. Perhaps Ahsoka will need to make a similar connection to the Purrgil to learn more about the Unknown Regions that the duo may be stuck in, or The Mandalorian Season 3 may just be going out of its way to remind viewers of the Purrgil ahead of the show.


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