The Boys Season 2 Episode 1, Episode 2 & Episode 3 Recap


The Boys Season 2 Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 3 Recap

The Boys Season 2 Episode 1, Episode 2 & Episode 3 Recap

Amazon’s The Boys is back with a new season, and they’ve dropped three episodes right off the bat. We left off the previous season with Homelander killing Stillwell in front of Butcher after she confessed that Vought made Supes with Compound V. In The Boys Season 2 Episode 1, The Seven welcomed a new Supe, Stormfront, and The Boys were hiding out with Butcher missing. For The Boys Season 2 Episode 2, Homelander tried to bond with his son, and Butcher made a deal with Mallory. In The Boys Season 2 Episode 3, the news got out about Compound V, and the Boys kept Kenji on a yacht.

The Boys Season 2 Episode 1

The Boys were in hiding without Butcher. However, Hughie was still in communication with Annie. They met on a subway. Annie would try to get a sample of Compound V from someone she knew growing up who could regrow organs named Gecko. She blackmailed him with video she took of him accepting money to allow a man to chop off his appendages.

Black Noir had taken out Naqib. Homelander and Maeve met Stormfront while shooting a commercial for the military. Stormfront was the newest member of the Seven. Homelander had believed he would be in charge of deciding who would join the Seven, but this was a decision that the Vought corporate leaders had made. He confronted Vought CEO Stan Edgar, who noted how bad it was for Vought that Homelander released Compound V.

Meanwhile, the Boys learned that Frenchie’s friends had smuggled a Super Terrorist into New York. Mother’s Milk learned about Hughie and Annie’s plan. They decided to go Raynor, but during their meeting, her head exploded. Finally, at the end of the episode, Butcher arrived.

The Boys Season 2 Episode 2

The Boys Season 2 Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 3 Recap

Butcher told the Boys about what happened to him. After seeing Becca and Ryan, he’d found himself at a Tony Cicero’s. He learned that he was wanted for Stillwell’s death. He met with Mallory to strike a deal. If they brought her the Super Terrorist, she’d have their records wiped clean.

The Seven’s new girl-power marketing campaign focused on Maeve, Starlight, and Stormfront. However, an emergency with Elena called Maeve away. During the junket, Gecko provided Annie with the Compound V. Unfortunately, A-Train was suspicious. Later, he showed up at her apartment and found it. She challenged him when he threatened her, but she didn’t care about losing everything from Vought.

Butcher took the Boys to a Halloween store where the Super Terrorist was. They learned he was with Shining Light and was Kenji, Kimiko’s brother. They talked, and she learned that Kenji was on Shining Light’s side. Kimiko took him down.

The Boys Season 2 Episode 3

The Boys Season 2 Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 3 Recap

Homelander spent breakfast at Becca’s with Ryan. He took Ryan to the roof to get him to fly, and Ryan fell to the ground. However, he was unarmed. When Homelander grabbed Rebecca’s wrist, Ryan’s powers activated. He shoved Homelander and rejected him. Soon after, the news about Compound V broke.

The Boys had Kenji tied up with his hands taped up on a yacht. Frenchie wanted Kenji to teach him the special sign language he and Kimiko developed. Kenji got loose and destroyed a police chopper with his powers. The Deep appeared on a whale and tried to stop them as the Boys escaped on a speedboat. Butcher drove it through the whale. The Boys escaped through the sewers, but the Seven arrived to track them down. Kenji used his powers to bury Homelander, who tried to force Starlight to kill Hughie. Then, Kenji tried to escape, but when Kimiko went after him, Stormfront attacked them. She killed Kenji without regard to collateral damage.

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