Cursed Season 1 Episode 3 and Episode 4 Recap


Cursed Season 1 Episode 3 and Episode 4

Cursed Season 1 Episode 3 and Episode 4 recap

In the previous episodes of Netflix’s Cursed, the Red Paladins sacked Dewdenn, and Nimue escaped with a sword for Merlin. In Cursed Season 1 Episode 3, Nimue woke up at Yvoire Abbey with Arthur and the sword gone, and in Cursed Season 1 Episode 4, a Fey smuggler helped her go to Gramaire to get the sword back.

With Honor

When Arthur’s father died, Arthur inherited his debts. While he worked it off, his sister, Morgana, was sent to live in Yvoire Abbey. Arthur had taken the sword from Nimue to gain Sir Ector’s sponsorship for the tournament. His aunt, Marion, was Sir Ector’s wife, and they had lost their son, Charlie, in battle. Sir Ector was reluctant because of Arthur’s past with thieves and mercenaries. Arthur lied about the sword, saying he’d received it as a reward for saving a girl from robbers. Ector agreed to sponsor him.

Bors came across Arthur and Ector and exposed Arthur’s lie. In defense of Ector, Arthur killed one of Bors’ men. He was arrested, and the Paladins captured him and the sword.

Yvoire Abbey

Nimue found herself in an abbey without the sword and Arthur missing. The abbey housed Red Paladins, and Sister Igraine and her superior, Sister Nora, helped to disguise her as one of them. The Paladins brought in the man Nimue strung up in a tree with her magic. If he died in their care, they would hold the Sisters responsible. Nimue helped Igraine save him with her Fey treatments. She also secretly burned several of Carden’s documents.

Carden had the Sisters rounded up for questioning. Wanting to be like the Paladins, Sister Iris told them about Nimue’s arrival and held Sister Nora responsible. Igraine revealed to Nimue that she was Arthur’s sister, Morgana and helped her escape. Afterwards, Carden carted off Nora for her punishment. Morgana left the abbey and asked her lover, Celia to come with her. Celia refused.

The Red Lake

Cursed Season 1 Episode 3 and Episode 4

Dizier, a leather goods merchant, found Nimue. He was part of an underground network of caravans to help Fey to safety, and Morgana had created it. They traveled with a Fey family and Dizier’s wife, Clothilde. Dizier told Nimue that they were going to a secret Fey refuge. She convinced him to take her to Gramaire.

In Gramaire, Nimue caught up to Arthur, who had escaped the Paladins on the road. Back on the road, they found Dizier and everyone in the cart, aside from the little Fey girl, murdered. Nimue found the sword in the Paladins’ cart stopped by a lake where they bathed. Nimue killed them all. She and Arthur found the Fey girl and took her to the Fey refuge.

Fey Fire

Cursed Season 1 Episode 3 and Episode 4

Merlin visited Lord Rugen. He told them about the Sword of Power, saying he wanted Rugen to have it. After presenting Rugen an offering, Merlin saw the Fey Fire that he was after. He convinced Rugen he was drunk to take some Fey Fire. He escaped on the Widow’s horse.

Pym turned up alive in a port near Dewdenn. Aaron brought her home, intending to make her his wife. In the village, she watched the Paladins burn a woman, claiming her to be the Wolf Blood Witch. While cleaning up fish guts on the dock, Pym met Dof, a raider, and stowed away on his ship.

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