Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: These Are His Revolutions


Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: These Are His Revolutions

Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: These Are His Revolutions

In the eighth episode of TNT’s Snowpiercer, Revolution has finally come. As Layton leads the lower classes forward in armed rebellion, Melanie’s house of cards collapses.

Calling the Shots

Ruth serves as the introductory narrator in this episode, commenting about how generous and wonderful Mr. Wilford is, and that he is the only reason they’re alive. She doesn’t understand why other passengers challenge him or take for granted his “miracle.” At the front of the train, Miles let’s LJ into the Engine quarters (once she gives him the “Eat the Rich” password). After LJ takes a moment to get a rush off of being creepy, the kids go into Melanie’s room and LJ loses it over the fact that there really is no Mr. Wilford and that Melanie is running everything. She snags a photo of Melanie with her dead daughter before leaving.

In Third Class, Layton, Till, and their group are putting their plans for revolution into place. As everyone gets into position, Till tells Layton she doesn’t know which side the Brakemen will land on, reminding him how stubborn Roche is. Layton tells her that no one wants a fight with the Brakemen but that there will be casualties. Till speaks with Jinju, asking her to stay away from Third and to stay home, but not wanting to tell her why. When Jinju accuses Till of lying, Till reminds Jinju she’s keeping her own secrets to protect Melanie, who just tortured Josie to death.

In First, Ruth meets with the Folgers and Commander Grey, who seem to think that Ruth has something to hide as LJ has told them that Mr. Wilford is not on the train and Melanie is running Snowpiercer. Ruth tells Grey he’s lost his mind. Grey tells Ruth to gather the First Class Committee so they can get to the bottom of it.


In the Engine, Melanie shows Miles how the train runs. Miles asks about Melanie’s daughter, who says she was smart and sweet. Melanie’s daughter didn’t make it on the train, and neither did her grandparents. Miles says that his parents didn’t make it either, but he has his Tail mom, Josie, unaware she is dead. Later, Melanie faces the wrath of First Class over the rumors that Mr. Wilford is not aboard the train. Grey tells Melanie he’s no longer taking orders from her and calls on more Jackboots to head uptrain to First.

In Third, Till handcuffs Layton to lead him through the cars as they send out the signal for their plans to begin. In the Tail, the group is making weapons when they receive the message confirming it’s time for their revolution. With Layton’s head covered by a hood, Till leads him through the train as Grey tells the First Class citizens they are to remain in their quarters while Melanie is locked up.

Melanie asks one of the Jackboots if she can grab a photo of her daughter, but uses the distraction to send a signal to Ben, Javi, and Miles to lockdown the Engine car. Ben is forced to kick Javi out of the room and lock him out when Javi disagrees with the move. Javi is arrested by Grey and his men as he tells Ruth the truth that Wilford is dead and has been dead since departure while trying to maintain his innocence that it was all Melanie’s idea. Ruth cries in Melanie’s quarters before closely examining her room, stunned by the news that Wilford has been dead for years. She tells Grey she wants Melanie to pay.

One Train

Layton’s rebellion begins teaming up throughout the train and respectively play their parts as Till gets Layton back to the Tail, uncuffing him once it’s clear. Layton reassures his people that Till is one of them now before delivering a rousing speech to spur them into action, to fight for a future that will finally include them. They march for their dead, for all they have lost, for their failed rebellions, and for those willing to lay down their lives for the Tail. The Tail section begins chanting “One Train” as they move together back uptrain.

Osweiller and a group of Brakemen run into a couple of the revolutionaries and realize the comms are down. Elsewhere, Miss Audrey enlists Dr. Klimpt’s help to release a few Tailies from the drawers, including Strong Boy. Grey is alerted by one of the Brakemen that the Tailies are loose and the commander sends all units downtrain as Ruth goes to where Melanie is locked up to confront her.

Ruth tells Melanie she made a fool of her. Melanie claims their friendship was real. Melanie calls Wilford a fraud, saying she built the train, not him. All Wilford wanted was to live as well as he could for as long as he could; he wasn’t interested in saving humankind. So, she took Snowpiercer and left Wilford trackside to die. Melanie apologizes for lying but that she’s fighting to do what she knows is right. Ruth calls her a liar and a murderer and says order will be restored. The next day, Melanie will be executed for her betrayal.

The Fight Begins

Roche, Osweiller, and the Brakemen are ready to hold the Tailies in Third Class, blocking their path. Eventually, Till and Layton are able to talk them down, saying their fight is not with the Brakemen and that the rumors are true: Wilford is not on the train and now it’s up to them to decide who will take charge of Snowpiercer. Roche tells the Brakemen to stand aside.

Back at the drawers, Klimpt continues working on waking up the Tailies. In an interesting development, Strong Boy, who doesn’t speak, suddenly begins speaking Mandarin after he wakes up. Meanwhile, the fight officially kicks off when a few of the Tailies attack Grey and his Jackboots with their highly effective makeshift weapons, killing and wounding Grey’s frontline. Grey takes a group through another path into the Nightcar. Layton, Till, and their group attack Grey and the rest of his Jackboots.

The Nightcar turns into a bloody massacre with multiple limbs and lives lost on both sides before Layton hears Grey call for his Jackboots to retreat. Just when they think they’ve got the upper hand, a few Jackboots appear and gas the car. The Tailies retreat to safety and Layton learns that Big John was one of the Tailies who were killed at the barricades.

Back at the drawers, it’s discovered that Tailie Pike (Steven Ogg) is missing. Turns out, he’s having a meal in First Class and is being questioned by a bloodied up Grey about Layton. Pike seems willing to give up information for more quality grub. Elsewhere, Layton is feeling overwhelmed by the bloodied mess that is his people. Pike tells Grey that Layton’s an idealist who doesn’t have the stomach for sustained cruelty. He says that if Grey keeps grinding, Layton will crumble.

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