Perry Mason Season 1 Episode 2 Recap


Perry Mason Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Perry Mason Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

In the previous episode of HBO’s Perry Mason, E.B. Jonathan recruited Perry to investigate the kidnapping and death of Charlie Dodson on behalf of lumber magnate Herman Baggerly. In Perry Mason Season 1 Episode 2, the LAPD made arrests without the guidance of Officer Paul Drake, and Sister Alice presided over Charlie Dodson’s funeral.

Paul Drake

Officer Paul Drake, a black beat cop, answered a call about a domestic dispute. As he successfully peacefully disarmed and arrested the angry man, a neighbor from across the street came to get Drake. He brought him to the crime scene where Det. Ennis had killed the men. Drake found the blood trail, but the body in the stairwell was gone. At the police station, Holcomb and Ennis derided Drake for his insights into the investigation. At home, Drake told his wife the chief had him change his report. Drake visited the stairwell again and found a piece of metal evidence.


Perry Mason Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

After a sermon, the Dodsons met with Sister Alice. Baggerly, a member of the Elders, offered them a funeral at the Radiant Assembly of God. During the meeting, Holcomb lured Matthew Dodson to the police station with the promise of a photo array. However, D.A. Maynard Barnes confronted him with the suitcase they found at the crime scene that Drake discovered and arrested him. He was actually Herman Baggerly’s son. A witness had identified Matthew as the man holding a bundle outside his house.

However, Perry recruited Pete to help him investigate. He discovered that Matthew had been gambling the night of the kidnapping.

The Beatitudes

Perry Mason Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Perry investigated Emily, who had been speaking on the phone for much of the night of the kidnapping. When she tried calling someone, Perry persuaded the operator to give him the number. He got a matching address and discovered another crime scene. He found a man with his head blown off and a shotgun next to him. Inside his head, he found a metal object. In the apartment was a suicide note and love letters between Emily and man named George. Perry confronted Emily and gave the letters to E.B.

During the funeral, Sister Alice began her sermon on the Beatitudes. However, she pointed out the powerful white men who sat in the front of her church, like the mayor and Clark Gable. She laid the responsibility on them for finding the baby’s killer, riling up the congregation again. Outside, the detectives arrested Emily. While Perry regretted that she was unable to see her son buried, E.B. was delighted as it helped Matthew’s case.

Trench Warfare

Throughout the episode, Perry flashed back to his time in the Great War. Herman Baggerly had learned of his dishonorable discharge. We saw Perry shooting his dying men on the battlefield.

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