Stargirl Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: The Justice Society

Stargirl Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: The Justice Society

In the sixth episode of DC Universe’s Stargirl, after Pat confronts Courtney about the potential consequences of recruiting new JSA members, Courtney makes a difficult decision and the JSA prepares for their first mission.

Artemis Crock

The beginning of the episode introduces us to Artemis Crock (Stella Smith) daughter of Injustice Society members Lawrence “Crusher” Crock/Sportsmaster (Neil Hopkins) and Paula Brooks/Tigress (Joy Osmanski). Artemis is the only girl on the football team and ends up getting benched after an altercation with one of the boys on the team. After school, Lawrence and Paula confront the coach… by killing him.

Pat is waiting for Courtney when she tries to sneak back home with the Cosmic Staff and confronts her about stealing the artifacts from the JSA headquarters. Pat feels betrayed that Courtney has been going about recruiting JSA members behind his back. Pat says that Courtney has put all of these kids’ lives at risk, not wanting them to wind up like Joey Zarick. Pat takes back the remaining costumes and items and tells Courtney to get back the costume and goggles from Yolanda and Beth, saying he’ll talk to Rick about getting back the hourglass.

At his home, Jordan/Icicle receives a text from Principal Bowin that the “gym rats” are at it again. Jordan confronts Lawrence and Paula who are busy burying their third murdered coach. Jordan warns them they need to stay focused and to get their suits out of storage as they are getting back into action.

Rex’s Journal

While Mike prepares for the science fair, Pat meets up with Rick and tells him that he knew his real dad and asks if they can talk. Courtney struggles with telling the others they can’t be a part of the Justice Society as Yolanda and Beth express how much it means to them to have something more, whether it be redemption or finally having someone paying attention to them. Courtney tries to break it to them at lunch, saying Pat found out and he’s pissed, but Yolanda doesn’t want to give up Wildcat and Beth doesn’t want to lose Chuck (the goggles) who is her friend now.

Pat takes Rick to the shop and has him look at the truck he destroyed, telling him his father never would have used his powers like that. Rick asks Pat why he hasn’t done anything to stop the Injustice Society, and Pat replies he’s trying to. He gives Rick his father’s journal and asks if he can help him with it. Rick scans over the pages, saying the information doesn’t match up to Rex’s history, wondering if it’s a code. When Rick goes to take the journal with him, Pat says he needs it and the hourglass back because Rick is abusing the power his father created. Rick accuses Pat of looking at him like trash like the rest of the town does, but Pat says that’s not true. Rick takes off with the journal and the hourglass, but not before laying into Pat about how he thinks Pat is a worthless sidekick who “doesn’t do anything.”

Later at the high school, Artemis, her parents, and the football team welcome the new Coach Karasick on the field. Sharpe/The Gambler stops by to chat with Lawrence and Paula as they watch Artemis practice with the team. He hands them an Empire Enterprises ID tag for Jack Hughes, saying they’ve got the broadcasting equipment and now they need to retrieve the satellite codes to use it.

The Gambler

During the science fair, Mike is excited when Barbara shows up to support his chocolate lava volcano and the two begin to bond more. Later, Courtney catches up with Beth and Yolanda asking if maybe they can all try talking to Pat. Rick shows up and says he just did, not knowing what his dad or what Courtney sees in Pat and Courtney gets defensive of her stepdad, saying there’s more to him than they realize. Rick breaks out his dad’s journal and asks if Dr. Mid-Nite can explain one of the equations in it. Beth puts on the goggles and Chuck says the equation has no match on record.

Suddenly, Chuck’s alarm signal goes off and he explains that his arch-enemy, The Gambler, is trying to hack into the communication company Empire Enterprises’ system. Courtney wants to tell Pat, but the others vote against it and the group decides to go after The Gambler themselves, but on one condition — they have to wear costumes and protect their identities.

At the same time, Lawrence and Paula are explaining to Artemis that they’re having a date night so they’ll be out for the night. Meanwhile, Jordan and his son, Cameron, are at the cafe celebrating Cameron’s late mom’s birthday.

First Mission

Suited up, the four members of the JSA arrive at Empire Enterprises to stop The Gambler from hacking into the system. The mission starts off rocky (and pretty much stays that way) with Rick and the others struggling to take Courtney’s lead. After Beth is able to get them inside without setting off the alarm, the group comes across a guard’s dead body, which shakes the teens up a bit. Instead of running into The Gambler, though, the group comes face-to-face with the costumed duo of Sportsmaster and Tigress. Needing to buy Sharpe a few minutes to finish obtaining the satellite codes, Tigress and Sportsmaster battle with the newly formed JSA.

Untrained and lacking a few teamwork skills, the teens are ultimately unable to stop The Gambler from obtaining the satellite codes. Before Sportsmaster and Tigress are able to finish them off, Pat shows up in STRIPE, sending the villains packing. Pat takes the kids back to his shop, where Rick, Yolanda, and Beth admire STRIPE and how Pat was able to build the machine out of cars. Beth thinks Pat should work for NASA, and Rick admits that Courtney was right, there is more to Pat than they thought.

Upstairs, Courtney expresses her frustration about having had a plan but how the others didn’t take her lead. Pat says he understands how it feels wanting to help someone and have them not listen. Courtney realizes his point and sees why he was worried about the kids getting hurt. Pat tells Courtney what they all need is training, calling the group her teammates, much to Courtney’s delight.

At the Injustice Society headquarters, Sharpe tells Jordan that they were able to get the satellite codes and the equipment Dr. Ito requested. Lawrence says they need Brainwave in order for Project: New America to work. They then discuss the rising of the new Justice Society, and Jordan says he wants to find out who they are.

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