Westworld Season 3 Episode 8 Recap


Westworld Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

Westworld Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

In the previous episode of HBO’s Westworld, Dolores activated an EMP that shut down Solomon, Maeve, and herself. In Westworld Season 3 Episode 8, the season finale, Caleb made his way through the riots to Incite, while Bernard visited someone important to his past.

Leader of the Revolution

Caleb had retrieved Dolores’s pearl and installed it into a new Dolores host body. She reiterated the need for him to be a leader for the humans. He made his way to Incite, and men who he didn’t know protected him as he approached. Giggles and Ash were also on the job to help clear a way for him. Ash stayed behind when Giggles was shot and was arrested. Caleb made his way to a terminal to plug in Solomon’s strategy, but Maeve got to him and brought him to Serac. Serac insisted that Dolores had lied to him and used him for his capacity for violence. He showed Caleb that the result of Solomon’s strategy were mass casualty events leading to population decline.

Alone in a Field

Westworld Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

Dolores and Maeve had fought again. However, it was a hologram of the Hale host that shut her down. Maeve took Dolores to Serac, who plugged Dolores into Rehoboam. He had Rehoboam systematically delete her memories to access the key in her head.

With Maeve, Serac had reneged on his deal with her and continued to hold the prospect of an eternity with her daughter over her. Maeve touched Dolores and told Serac that she didn’t have the key. All that was left was a memory of her alone in a field. However, Maeve was able to speak to Dolores alone in the field. Dolores confessed that she didn’t want to eliminate humanity; she wanted to save it. She asked Maeve to choose a side.

Back in the real world, Dolores was gone, and Maeve attacked Serac and his men. She told Caleb that Dolores had chosen him for his capacity to choose. She explained that the catastrophic events to come were always going to happen. When Serac had hooked her up to Rehoboam, Dolores had managed to lock Serac out of Rehoboam and give Caleb the only access. Caleb ordered Rehoboam to erase itself. Together, Maeve and Caleb left as buildings around them exploded, ready to help save humanity.

See Her First

Westworld Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

William shot Stubbs, but Bernard was able to knock him out. SFPD arrived, and William got away. Another Dolores copy, Lawrence, arrived with explosive barrels for that night. He gave Bernard a briefcase and an address to visit. At the address, Bernard talked with Lauren, Arnold’s wife, who now had dementia. She settled his mind about Charles. At a motel room, Bernard put Stubbs on ice. Dolores had given him the key, and he was going to access the database. However, he powered down.

At a hotel, William met with someone from Delos to get access to his assets. However, since he was declared deceased, his assets were frozen. He wanted to use his wealth from the Delos buyout to save the world.

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