Westworld Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

Westworld Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

In the previous episode of HBO’s Westworld, Serac recruited Maeve to help him find Dolores, and Bernard gave Stubbs a new directive to protect him. In Westworld Season 3 Episode 3, Caleb’s encounter with Dolores led to an awakening, and the host posing as Charlotte struggled with her identity.

High Value Targets

Caleb called an ambulance for Dolores, but as they struggled to treat her, a police car pulled them over. Through an alert from Caleb’s crime app, he realized they weren’t actually cops. The men were there for Dolores, and Caleb warned her. She dispatched them and took their car after warning Caleb they would be after him too. He needed to disappear.

At Vista Life, Caleb told his mother, who didn’t recognize him, that he would be going away. Men that he had worked with before took him to get information on Dolores. She found them at his construction site and saved Caleb. He wanted to know who she was, and Dolores told him her name.

In a Cage

Dolores took Caleb to a diner familiar to him. It had been where his schizophrenic mother abandoned him as a child. She was able to provide a transcription of what he, as an eight-year-old, had said. Then, Dolores took Caleb to a pier where Incite had predicted that he would kill himself in 10-12 years. She explained that the Rehoboam determined what his life path would be like and chose not to invest in him as a person, therefore fulfilling the path it predicted. She offered Caleb a choice. Dolores would give him money to run, or he could help her start a revolution to free everyone from their cages. Caleb chose the latter path.

You Are My Sunshine

Westworld Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

The host posing as Charlotte forgot to pick up her son, Nathan. After her ex-husband, Jake, brought him home, she went to tuck him in. Nathan told her that she was doing it wrong. He told her about a friend named Thomas.

When she forgot to pick him up again, Charlotte discovered that Thomas was a grown man and found him touching Nathan’s hand as he pet his dog. After sending Nathan to play, Charlotte strangled Thomas with her bare hands and brought Nathan the dog.

One of Charlotte’s underlings sent her a video file of the real Charlotte that she recorded during the massacre. It was her singing their song, “You Are My Sunshine,” which was part of Nathan’s bedtime routine.

The Mole

Westworld Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

Charlotte learned that someone had been secretly buying Delos stock to amass the largest share of the company. They were effectively going through a hostile takeover. Charlotte reached out to Dolores to meet. She was struggling with her identity. Dolores reminded her of their connection and Charlotte’s mission to keep Delos under their control. She healed the host body, since Charlotte was harming herself. She believed the real Charlotte was trying to bust out.

The notes to “You Are My Sunshine” were the password to a phone connection. She asked to meet, and her car changed paths. It took her to Serac. Charlotte was his mole, but there were others in Delos. He knew that the information he wanted got out and that the encryption key was within Dolores.

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