Altered Carbon Season 2 Episode 7 and Episode 8 Recap

Altered Carbon Season 2 Episode 7 and Episode 8 Recap

Altered Carbon Season 2 Episode 7 and Episode 8 Recap

In the previous episodes of Netflix’s Altered Carbon, we learned that Danica Harlan controlled Joshua Kemp and the Quellist uprising, and Konrad Harlan wasn’t with the Renouncers. In Altered Carbon Season 2 Episode 7, the AIs discovered a second DHF within Quellcrist’s stack, and in Altered Carbon Season Episode 8, the season finale, Takeshi teamed up with unlikely allies to stop it from unleashing Angelfire from the Orbitals.

The Firewall

Quellcrist had triggered Angelfire from an Orbital – something humans couldn’t do. Having retrieved Anil’s stack, Trepp noticed that it was partially red; Takeshi recognized it as similar to what happened to Tanaseda’s stack. Trepp used the stack to learn what happened to Anil. Something had forced itself into his body when he discovered Quellcrist in cryo. Trepp, Takeshi, Poe, and Dig realized that Quellcrist, who was down after the Angelfire, was sharing her stack with another DHF. Poe and Dig would create a construct, spin down Quellcrist, leaving the other DHF in the construct, and build a firewall around it. Takeshi would enter the construct with it.

The other DHF was an Elder from the songspire in Stronghold. It had shown Quellcrist what the Founders had done to claim Harlan’s World; they had killed all the Elders bred from the songspire. The songspire had backed up the remaining Elder, which could jump to nearby humans. It was killing Founders as revenge and was now intent on destroying Harlan’s World with Angelfire. Poe and Dig were able to pull Takeshi out as the firewall held, and they spun Quellcrist up again without the Elder.

Invading the Construct

Jaeger and Kovacs Prime had used the shadow code within Dig to learn that they were building a construct. They uploaded themselves to the construct to learn Takeshi and Quell’s location. Kovacs Prime made it out, but the Elder had attached itself to Jaeger to escape the firewall. It used Jaeger to position the Orbitals for a catastrophic Angelfire strike on Harlan’s World. Kovacs Prime tracked their location but joined them after taking out the Wedge soldiers.

Danica captured Myka and TJ. She wanted Myka to find out how a human could control the orbitals, not knowing about the Elder within Quell. Trepp borrowed Takeshi’s sleeve while he was in the construct to save them. She took Takeshi, Quell, and Kovacs Prime to her father’s, finding his sleeve and destroyed stack. Devastated, she made them leave.

On the Same Side

Altered Carbon Season 2 Episode 7 and Episode 8 Recap

Quell, Takeshi, and Kovacs Prime approached Danica Harlan. They told her about the Elder and that they knew Konrad Harlan wasn’t with the Renouncers. She had destroyed his stack but kept it close. They hoped that showing the Elder that Konrad was truly dead would bring it peace and stop the destruction. When confronting the Elder, now with Jaeger, Danica double-crossed them, and the Elder killed her, just like it did the other Founders.

Takeshi used Jaeger’s own hand to destroy his stack. The Elder jumped to Takeshi, who used the Angelfire to destroy himself and the Elder. Kovacs Prime told the council that Quellcrist had been destroyed as well. She casted to another world, while Kovacs Prime arranged to recover her sleeve.


Altered Carbon Season 2 Episode 7 and Episode 8 Recap

Dig had created a program to heal Poe that looked like Lizzie. The glitch had overtaken Poe for three months. She had taken over The Nevermore and called herself Annabel. Poe came back, not knowing who he or she were. He only had a decryption code. He had a whole DHF saved, and Annabel decrypted it.

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