Altered Carbon Season 2 Episode 3 and Episode 4 Recap

Altered Carbon Season 2 Episode 3 and Episode 4 Recap

Altered Carbon Season 2 Episode 3 and Episode 4 Recap

In the previous episodes of Netflix’s Altered Carbon, Takeshi Kovacs arrived on Harlan’s World at the behest of Horace Axley, who was brutally killed by Quellcrist, along with other Meths, Anton Kurov and Haruki Okada. In Altered Carbon Season 2 Episode 3, Takeshi was to be executed for their deaths, and in Altered Carbon Season 2 Episode 4, Harlan’s World citizens celebrated the founding of the planet.

The Circle

The Wedge soldiers brought Takeshi in for killing Durov and Okada. Col. Carerra believed that Takeshi had killed them on behalf of Joshua Kemp and the Quellists. Takeshi denied it, and Danica accepted that he had acted alone. She sentenced him to the Circle. Carrera extracted the identities of the people he cared about: Kristin, Vernon, Reileen, and Quellcrist. Carrera realized that he was Takeshi and warned Danica, who brushed it off. He revealed to Takeshi that he was actually Jaeger, the man who made Takeshi who he was. In exchange for upgraded sleeves, soldiers volunteered to wear synth sleeves of the people Takeshi loved to and fight him to the death.

Takeshi soon realized that they weren’t really them. However, when Quellcrist walked out, the system detected the sleeve to be organic, not synthetic. A tech operating the Circle shut it down for Quellcrist, and she and Takeshi escaped.

Dig 301

Altered Carbon Season 2 Episode 3 and Episode 4 Recap

When Takeshi was captured, Poe went to work to save him. First, he reached out to Trepp, who refused to help. Then, Poe reached out to the local AI union but discovered that the Ais were all archaelogues. However, their work excavating Harlan’s World for Elder artifacts was discontinued. Still, one of them, Dig 301, offered to help. She and Poe worked to breach the Circle, though it didn’t work.

Takeshi and Quell arrived at the hotel. Unfortunately, Trepp, who needed money to pay for her son’s sleeve, used the open connection between her and Poe to find Takeshi. After she was gone, Takeshi relieved Poe of his services and hired Dig.

Missing Land

Poe went to Quell for her advice. To remedy his glitch, Poe would need to reboot. However, he risked forgetting Lizzie. He asked Quell what it was like, since she didn’t remember who she was, only that Takeshi was important to her. In exchange, he helped her learn who she was. Unfortunately, what was available was propaganda. Takeshi assured her she wasn’t what the Protectorate had portrayed her as.

Harlan’s Day

Altered Carbon Season 2 Episode 3 and Episode 4 Recap

Carrera had gone to Tanaseda to convince him to turn on Takeshi. Shortly after, Takeshi visited Tanaseda to get permits for himself and Quell to leave the planet. Tanaseda went to Danica for them during her party. Danica also was worried that Carrera would discover something in Sector 2 of the prison where political prisoners were kept. He was torturing the Circle tech who helped Takeshi and Quell escape there.

The people of Harlan’s World celebrated Harlan’s Day, the founding of the planet. Though named after Konrad Harlan, there were several founders, including those Meths that had been killed. At Tanaseda’s, Takeshi realized that Quell’s targets were the founders. Quell killed Tanaseda and another founder in town for the celebrations.

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