Altered Carbon Season 2 Episode 1 and Episode 2 Recap


Altered Carbon Season 2 Episode 1 and Episode 2 Recap

Altered Carbon Season 2 Episode 1 and Episode 2 Recap

Netflix’s Altered Carbon is back for another season with Takeshi Kovacs in a new body. When we last left Takeshi, he squared off against his sister, Reileen, and left in search of Quellcrist Falconer. In Altered Carbon Season 2 Episode 1, another Meth sought Kovacs’s services thirty years later, and in Altered Carbon Season 2 Episode 2, Kovacs faced off against the Wedge.

Horace Axley

Trepp, a bounty hunter, went to a club looking for Takeshi Kovacs, who would be there to pick up a payment. She recognized Poe, who lived on a wide-range emitter hanging from Takeshi’s neck. The man with Kovacs’ payment caused a fight among potential Takeshis to slip away with the credits, but he had been the female lounge singer all along. After Trepp confronted Kovacs, she shot him in the back and forced him into VR with Horace Axley. He was a Meth, who wanted Takeshi to protect him. In exchange, he’d give him a custom military-enhanced sleeve and a lead on Quellcrist Falconer.

Takeshi woke in his upgraded body, but someone slammed him into a mirror. When he came to and made it into the living room, dead bodies and broken glass were scattered all over the floor. Horace Axley died of as a black vein affliction appeared to overtake him.

Harlan’s World

Altered Carbon Season 2 Episode 1 and Episode 2 Recap

Kovacs realized he was on Harlan’s World. They were amid civil war, but Danica Harlan, the governor, had brokered a cease fire with the Quellists. Takeshi infiltrated a Yakuza hideout and tricked them into an audience with an old ally, Tanaseda Hideki. He gave Kovacs shelter, and Poe set up a crumbling version of The Raven.

Not Her

Altered Carbon Season 2 Episode 1 and Episode 2 Recap

Takeshi used a knife to jog his memory, and he realized that it was Quellcrist who had slammed his head into the mirror at Axley’s. He still wanted to follow Axley’s lead on Quellcrist and decided to track down Trepp. He went after the top five bounties and eventually ran into her. Trepp told him about Axley’s business partners, Anton Durov and Haruki Okada. In exchange for the information, Takeshi gave her the bounties’ stacks. When Trepp turned them in, she used the proceeds to increase the reward for Anil Imani, who was missing.

At a club, Takeshi convinced Durov and Okada to show them the reason Axley believed Quellcrist was alive. However, the club was under attack. It was Quellcrist, who was savagely killing everyone there. She delivered the same black-veined affliction to Durov and Okada. At first, Takeshi believed that she was someone else wearing her sleeve. They fought, but after catching a thrown knife, she recognized him.

The Wedge

Altered Carbon Season 2 Episode 1 and Episode 2 Recap

At Axley’s, the Wedge took over the investigation. They slaughtered the civilian police force. Axley had installed Takeshi into a custom sleeve meant for the Wedge. The CTAC team was on Harlan’s World because of the war, so Danica no longer believed their presence was necessary. As Quell recognized Takeshi, the Wedge arrived and captured him. She escaped.

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