Charmed Season 2 Episode 11 Recap


Charmed Season 2 Episode 11 Recap

Charmed Season 2 Episode 11 Recap

In the previous episode of the CW’s Charmed, Macy went to Aspen to be with Julian, and Jordan learned that he needed to balance the scales of justice to lift the curse. In Charmed Season 2 Episode 11, Harry became infected with a demonic disease, and Jordan and Maggie teamed up to track down Ray’s buyers.

Malignant Parasite

After a Malignant attack, Harry and Mel escaped to the command center. Harry had a scratch on his arm that he treated with a potion. Unfortunately, he broke out in a fever and spots. Harry asked Mel to call Abigael, and she also contacted Macy. When Macy arrived, Abigael was already there. She knew that some Malignants carried a parasite and could make the antidote easily. However, if Harry took the antidote without the parasite in his body, it could kill him. Macy didn’t trust Abigael and wanted to be sure that Harry did have the parasite before giving the antidote to him.

The Airmid

Charmed Season 2 Episode 11 Recap

While in Aspen, Macy and Julian got closer and slept together. While Macy was cooking breakfast, Julian’s aunt, Vivienne arrived unexpectedly. She had raised Julian after his parents died. Vivienne was a businesswoman herself, and Julian told Macy about a DNA sequencing machine that her company was developing called the Airmid.

Macy approached Vivienne about using the Airmid. She wanted to get bloodwork done on Harry to determine if he did have the parasite in him. Vivienne told her to break it off with Julian, and she would let Macy use it. Macy left a message for him in front of her and brought the Airmid to the command center. It would take an hour to run. Macy set it before she and Mel left to help Maggie. Abigael turned it off and gave Harry the antidote. It worked.

Julian confronted Macy about the voicemail she left. Vivienne had interfered in his relationships before, and he had deduced what happened. Macy and Julian kissed, and Harry saw.

Undercover Team

Charmed Season 2 Episode 11 Recap

In New Orleans, Jordan and Maggie attended a support group for people affected by the supernatural. Jordan held the darklighter’s weapon and claimed that he and his military buddies found it in Afghanistan. A man named Bruce, who appeared interested in the magical artifact, invited them to party. He talked about his group of believers in the supernatural and had the same tattoo as Ray’s buyers.

At the party, he offered them a place in their group, but if they consumed something first. Jordan took it, wanting to show Maggie that he could handle the magical world. However, everyone who had taken it was having their lifeforce drained by a shaman. That with the black amber would bring life back to a man clearly important to the group.Maggie called Macy and Mel to help. They broke what the shaman was doing, but it still worked.

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