Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3 Recap

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3 Recap

Sabrina Spellman had come a long way from the modest beginnings of Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Where she had once hesitated to sign her name in Satan’s book, Sabrina was now entrenched in the politics of hell and magicks beyond Satanic in Season 3. To close out our recaps of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3, we are looking back at the storylines that drove Sabrina, her friends, and her coven.

Queen of Hell

Season 2 ended with Sabrina crowning Lilith Queen of Hell, and Lilith took Lucifer and Nick with her. However, the politics of hell was not quite so simple. Hell, led by the kings, did not see Lilith as a legitimate ruler. In exchange for Nick, with Lucifer still trapped inside him, Sabrina was forced to accept her birthright as Queen of Hell. However, she appointed Lilith as her Regent. Sensing weakness, the kings brought their own claimant to the throne, Caliban, who challenged her to a quest for the Unholy Regalia. Though Caliban used deception to win, Sabrina eventually turned back time to negate the win. She created a time paradox where two of her existed at the same time, and Sabrina used it as an opportunity to be a normal teenager but also rule hell as queen.

The Pagans

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Season 3 introduced the pagan witches and their centuries-old conflict with Satanic witches. They arrived in Greendale, offering the town a carnival. Robin showed up at Baxter High to recruit a virgin to be a blood sacrifice to the Green Man, but he ended up falling for Theo and finding a new home in Greendale. The Green Man caused the end of all flesh on Earth, but Sabrina and the coven fought the pagans and won after she went back in time.

The Hunt for Blackwood

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Ambrose and Prudence traveled the world to track Faustus Blackwood. He had taken Prudence’s baby siblings, Judas and Judith, with him. With Mambo Marie’s help, they found him in Scotland as he summoned a creature from Loch Ness who gave him a time egg. Blackwood and his children had experienced time differently during the month that he was gone. Fifteen years had passed to them, and Blackwood had become obsessed with the Eldritch Terrors. After housing Lucifer when Sabrina had freed Nick, Blackwood retrieved the time egg and performed a ritual that birthed the mysterious creature within it.

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