Arrow Crisis on Infinite Earths Episode 4 Recap

Arrow Crisis on Infinite Earths Episode 4 Recap

In the previous episode of The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Paragons were transported to the Vanishing Point as the rest of the multi-verse ceased to exist. In Arrow Crisis on Infinite Earths Episode 4, Oliver as the Spectre helped Barry enter the Speed Force to stop the Monitor from creating the Anti-Monitor.

Towering Ambition

We glimpsed Mar Novu and his wife Xneen on Planet Maltus ten thousand years ago as he prepared to travel to the dawn of time. When he did so, he tore a hole in the universe to the Anti-Matter universe and created the Anti-Monitor.

Into the Speed Force

Arrow Crisis on Infinite Earths Episode 4 Recap

Months passed, and the Paragons were still stuck at the Vanishing Point, wallowing in the loss of the multi-verse. Barry had disappeared for months; he’d attempted to go into the Speed Force. Upon his return, Barry was shocked that months had passed. He’d been blocked from going in.

While the Paragons tested a teleporter that didn’t work, Oliver arrived as a Spectre after spending time with Jim Corrigan. He needed Barry to take some of the Paragons through the Speed Force to go to Maltus and stop the Monitor’s time traveling experiment. He was in tune with the entire Multi-Verse, including the Speed Force, which he claimed was the key to saving them all. The rest would fight at the Dawn of Time.

Defining Moments

Barry dropped Kara, Lex, and Dr. Choi off at Maltus. Lex turned on Kara and Dr. Choi using new powers from the Book of Destiny and went on ahead. They caught up with him after he knocked out Xneen and approached Mar Novu. As Lex and Kara fought, Dr. Choi convinced the Monitor to not go back in time.

Meanwhile, Oliver was using his memories to stay in tune with the Speed Force long enough for Barry to take them to the Dawn of Time. They each were stuck in different memories from Oliver’s past. After a brief encounter with an alternate Barry Allen, Barry pulled them out of Oliver’s memories and everyone landed at the Dawn of Time in the Anti-Matter universe.

Fan the Flame

Arrow Crisis on Infinite Earths Episode 4 Recap

Though Dr. Choi had stopped that Monitor, his destiny was so intertwined with the Anti-Monitor that other versions of the Monitor had still created him. The Paragons fought his army as Oliver battled the Anti-Monitor. Their clash provided the spark, and it was up to the Paragons to fan the flame. They focused on Hope, Destiny, Humanity, Love, Truth, Courage, and Honor. The resulting blast disappeared the Anti-Monitor, and Oliver was dying as Barry brought Sara to him. He explained the deal he made with the Monitor for Barry and Kara’s lives. Above them, the new universe grew as Oliver died.

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