The Flash Crisis on Infinite Earths Episode 3

The Flash Crisis on Infinite Earths Episode 3 Recap

The Flash Crisis on Infinite Earths Episode 3 Recap

In the previous episode of the CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, Mia, Sara, Barry, and Constantine brought Oliver back using a Lazarus Pit, and the heroes found the Paragons of Truth and Courage. In The Flash Crisis on Infinite Earths Episode 3, Barry tried to stop the anti-matter cannon, as the heroes located the remaining Paragons.

Anti-Matter Cannon

As Earth-203, the Birds of Prey universe, disappeared, Barry brought Cisco, Caitlin, and Ralph to the Waverider to help. Cisco helped Ray fix the Paragon detector, which identified J’onn J’onzz, Ryan Choi from Ivy Town, and Barry, as the Paragons of Honor, Humanity, and Love. Cisco also tracked the source of the anti-matter wave, which was located underground on Earth-1. The Monitor restored Cisco’s vibe powers, and he joined Barry and Caitlin in finding the source. Pariah arrived, and Cisco vibed his memories to unlock the door.

They found Barry Allen from Earth-90 on a treadmill powering the anti-matter cannon. Cisco vibed the anti-matter forcefield surrounding him and freed Earth-90 Barry. Unfortunately, the cannon had a fail-safe. If he stopped running, it would explode and destroy the remaining Earths. Pariah brought Black Lightning to stave off the explosion while they formulated a plan.

Earth-1 Barry planned to sacrifice himself by running on the treadmill in the opposite direction to reverse the anti-matter back into the cannon to destroy it. Earth-90 Barry wouldn’t let him. The prophecy only said that the Flash would need to die, but it didn’t say which one.


The Flash Crisis on Infinite Earths Episode 3

John Diggle arrived to learn that Lyla had gone missing and that Oliver had died. The Monitor believed that she was with the Anti-Monitor. Sara explained that they were planning to go to Purgatory to retrieve Oliver’s soul. Constantine brought them to Earth-666 to learn of a way in from Lucifer Morningstar. He gave them a card that provided limited time in Purgatory; they had until the picture faded.

In Purgatory, which looked like Lian Yu, they found Oliver, and Diggle reminded him who they were. Before they could bring Oliver out of Purgatory, Jim Corrigan arrived. He was the Spectre, and he needed Oliver Queen. Oliver decided not to leave Purgatory with John and Mia.

Dr. Ryan Choi

The Flash Crisis on Infinite Earths Episode 3

Ray, Iris, and Ralph went to Ivy Town to find Dr. Ryan Choi. He recognized Ray as a fan of his work. When they explained the Crisis to him, he declined going with them. He wanted to go home to be with his wife and baby. Iris explained to him that regular humans like them still had their parts to play. She convinced Ryan to join them to be a part of saving the multiverse.

Harbinger Returns

The Flash Crisis on Infinite Earths Episode 3

Kate convinced Kara not to use the Book of Destiny to try to bring back Earth-38. She offered Kara the kryptonite that she had taken from Bruce. Kara told Kate to keep it, as she hoped that Kate would never need it.

With everyone back on the Waverider, Lyla returned. She had no memory of where she’d been. Pariah’s existence on the Waverider signaled to them that tragedy would happen, and Lyla revealed to be under the influence of the Anti-Monitor. The Monitor fought the Anti-Monitor through Harbinger and died. Pariah transported the Paragons to the Vanishing Point, while anti-matter consumed everyone else.

At the Vanishing Point, Clark disappeared to reveal Lex Luthor is in his place. He had rewritten the story in the Book of Destiny. He was now a Paragon.

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