The Outsider Episode 2 Recap

The Outsider Episode 2 Recap

In the previous episode of HBO’s The Outsider, Ralph publicly arrested Terry for the brutal murder of Frankie Peterson, only to later learn of conflicting evidence. In The Outsider Episode 2, Ralph brought Terry in for his arraignment.

“Push It”

Ralph visited Terry late at night. Terry reaffirmed his innocence. The white van had New York plates on it, and Terry hadn’t been to New York in many years. His family had last vacationed in Dayton, and Ralph had confirmed they’d flown both ways. Terry spoke about Ralph’s son and how he taught him how to bunt.

While walking into Terry’s arraignment, a shooter attacked Terry and the officers around him. Ralph shot and killed him. However, the shooter was Ollie Peterson. A bullet struck in Terry in the neck, and he died. Ralph was put on administrative leave.

Big Daddy’s Hangry BBQ

The Outsider Episode 2 Recap

Lt. Yunis told Ralph about a lead on the van. A 12-year-old runaway had stolen the car in New York and abandoned it in Dayton. A piece of a flyer found in the van led them to a BBQ restaurant in Dayton. On a condition that Ralph visit the trauma therapist beforehand, Yunis took Ralph to see the kid. The kid remembered that he abandoned the car on Ash Wednesday, which occurred during the time the Maitlands were in Dayton.

Ralph visited Glory and asked to speak with her. She reminded him that the way he handled arresting her husband affected her and her children. Still, she invited Ralph to ask questions with Howie present. He asked her about the trip to Dayton. They had gone so Terry could visit is father, who had violent fits of dementia. As Glory was asking Ralph to leave, Maya, the older daughter, explained that Terry had gotten a cut on his wrist from a nurse at the hospital. She also remembered the BBQ restaurant at the mall.

The Hooded Stranger

The Outsider Episode 2 Recap

During Ollie Peterson’s shooting rampage, a strange figure in a hooded sweatshirt stood behind the panicked crowd, watching the scene. Later, Fred Peterson, the only remaining member of the family, hanged himself in his home and his leg broke a window. The same hooded figure was spotted nearby. Though Fred was rescued, the lack of oxygen to his brain left him brain dead.

Also, Jessa continued to claim to see a man, and Glory insisted they were nightmares. One night, there were wet footprints on the floor as Glory saw to Jessa.

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