His Dark Materials Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

His Dark Materials Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

In the previous episode of HBO’s His Dark Materials, Lyra and Roger made it to Asriel’s lab to mixed reactions. In His Dark Materials Season 1 Episode 8, the season finale, Asriel explained to Lyra why he was studying Dust.

Original Sin

Lyra and Asriel argued. Her long and arduous journey to save Roger and bring Asriel the alethiometer ended in disappointment. Asriel gave the alethiometer back to Lyra; he hadn’t meant for her to bring it to him. Lyra revealed to Asriel that she knew who her parents were.

After a warm moment with Roger in the blanket fort they built, Asriel woke Lyra to speak with her, at Thorold suggestion. He told her that the Magisterium interpreted Dust as original sin for centuries. Because of this belief, they preached that Dust was evil and used this “knowledge” to subjugate people. Mrs. Coulter believed that when she cut away children’s demons, she was preserving their uncorrupted selves and saving them from sin. Asriel was studying Dust to prove the Magisterium wrong and, in doing so, end their oppressive rule. He would go to the other worlds where Dust appeared to come from.


His Dark Materials Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

Thorold woke Lyra as Mrs. Coulter and the Magisterium forces were on their way. Asriel and Roger had gone on ahead, but Thorold would keep Lyra safe. Asriel had mentioned that the intercision process expelled a great deal of energy. Lyra realized that Asriel wanted to cut Salcilia away from Roger and use the resulting energy to open up the portal to other worlds.

Lyra refused Thorold’s help and called for Iorek. He gathered the rest of the bears to accompany him. As they got closer to the mountain, the Magisterium forces on airships opened fire on them. The bears countered as Iorek brought Lyra up the mountain. When they came across a bridge that Iorek couldn’t cross, they said heartfelt goodbyes and parted ways.

By the time Lyra arrived, it was too late to save Roger. Salcilia disappeared, and Roger died. The energy knocked Lyra out. Marisa Coulter arrived just as Asriel was about to cross through the portal. He urged her to come with him and help him destroy the Magisterium’s power. She refused because she would be abandoning Lyra. Asriel walked through the portal. Lyra hid from Marisa and went to Roger’s body. She resolved to not let his death be in vain and walked through the portal.


His Dark Materials Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

Boreal received the answer to the question he asked the alethiometer about what Grumman had discovered. There is a knife in a tower surrounded by angels, and his son would lead him to it. Fra Pavel believed that the message needed further interpretation since the Magisterium didn’t know about Will. Boreal yelled at the Pale-Faced Man for letting Will get away. The Pale-Faced Man was a detective inspector and issued a BOLO for Will. Will avoided police officers and came across the tear that Boreal used to move between worlds. He entered the portal.

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