His Dark Materials Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

His Dark Materials Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

In the previous episode of HBO’s His Dark Materials, Lyra helped free the children from Bolvangar but fell out of Lee’s balloon during a cliff-ghast attack. In His Dark Materials Season 1 Episode 7, Lyra found herself among the armored bears, and Boreal made a move for the letters.

Lyra Silvertongue

Lyra found herself at the bottom of a cliff. After seeing an armored bear, she thought it was Iorek. She woke up in jail with Jotham Santelia, a professor and a scholar who had gone mad. He claimed to have been with Asriel, who had cozied up to King Iofur. Lyra used the alethiometer to learn that Iorek was on his way to rescue her.

When brought in front of Iofur, Lyra claimed to be Iorek’s daemon. She flattered Iofur and told him she wished to be his daemon. Lyra secretly used the alethiometer to tell Iofur that the first thing he killed was his father. She told him that Iorek was coming and that they needed to fight. Lyra urged Iofur to tell the other bears that he’d summoned Iorek to challenge him. Iofur let Lyra meet Iorek at the door.

Iorek and Iofur fought. While Iorek was down, Lyra tried to help him, which angered Iofur. To protect Lyra, Iorek got up and continued fighting Iofur until he killed him. Iorek took his rightful place as king. In honor of what she’d done, Iorek gave her a new name: Lyra Silvertongue. Outside, Roger was waiting for Lyra. Roger and Iorek had fallen out of Lee’s balloon at the same time.

Just a Hustler

His Dark Materials Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

Lee’s balloon crashed. Serafina found Lee and told him that everyone was alive and that Iorek had reclaimed his throne. She brought back his pistol because he needed to fight for Lyra. Though he claimed that he was just a hustler, Serafina asserted that it was fate.

“I Did Not Send for You”

To the Magisterium, Mrs. Coulter had failed. They knew that Iofur had fallen and that they no longer had Asriel. Mrs. Coulter insisted she could bring him to them.

Lyra decided to bring the alethiometer to her father. She and Roger found Asriel in a lab with Thorold while Iorek stood down the guards. When Asriel saw Lyra, he was distraught to see her there. But when Roger appeared, he was happy that he’d come.

“I Believe You”

His Dark Materials Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

Boreal visited Elaine. He told her that he was a secret agent and worked with John Parry. He told her that he believed that he could find him, alive, if she gave him the right information. Elaine saw his snake daemon, but Boreal pretended he didn’t know what she was talking about. Afterward, Elaine went to Will’s school to tell him what happened.

When they arrived home, the place was ransacked. Will took Elaine to his boxing coach’s house. He asked him to look after her. Will told Elaine that he believed that there had been a man with a snake and that his father’s letters were important. He went back to the house to retrieve the letters. Thomas and the Pale-Faced Man arrived to search for them. Will ambushed Thomas, who fell over the railing. He escaped as the Pale-Faced Man found Thomas.

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