Looking for Alaska Episode 8 Recap

Looking for Alaska Episode 8 Recap

In the previous episode of Hulu’s Looking for Alaska, the whole class attended Alaska’s wedding, and Pudge, the Colonel, and Takumi learned that Alaska received a call from Jake the night she died. In the finale of Looking for Alaska, the boys searched for answers about what happened to Alaska that night.


Miles, Chip, and Takumi visited the police station to speak with the state trooper who was there when Alaska died. The Colonel claimed that he was her brother, and the trooper reluctantly gave them a copy of the police report. They learned that she had 0.21 blood alcohol content, so they stole the Eagle’s breathalyzer to learn how drunk she was. The Colonel was wasted and barely able to stay awake. He and Miles were horrified to know that they let her drive in that condition.

The police report also confirmed that Alaska’s plastic daisies were with her during the crash. Miles called Jake to see if they had any significance to their relationship. Jake told him that Alaska had daisies in her hair when they met. She had been crying. After research to confirm it, they realized that Alaska died on the anniversary of her mother’s death. She had met Jake on the anniversary and had realized she’d forgotten about it. Though Miles and the Colonel celebrated the breakthrough, Takumi reminded them it didn’t matter. They still didn’t know if she killed herself.

“I Just Miss My Friend”

Looking for Alaska Episode 8 Recap

Over the winter break, Miles and the Colonel grieved at home. Miles’s parents told him that he didn’t have to return to Culver Creek. He called the Colonel to tell him. That night, Miles stayed up to read The General in His Labyrinth, Alaska’s favorite book.

The Colonel told his mother that he wouldn’t be going to church. Alaska’s death had caused a crisis of faith. Dolores called Dr. Hyde, who came over. He told Chip that he needed feel his feelings and let his anger out.

At the start of the new term, Miles arrived at Culver Creek once again.

Greatest Prank Ever

Looking for Alaska Episode 8 Recap

The Eagle had a bench dedicated to Alaska Young. This was unacceptable to Miles and Chip. Lara suggested a prank to memorialize Alaska properly. They decided to pull a prank that Alaska had been working on for their senior prank. The whole school needed to be involved.

Sara and Miles told the Eagle that their choice for Speaker Day was Dr. Morse, a sexual linguistics professor who didn’t believe in premarital sex. They recruited the liquor store clerk to come in as Dr. Morse and read the speech they had prepared. Lara called for him to strip, which he did to the song “Milkshake”. All the boys in attendance stripped down to their boxers for Alaska Young. The Eagle wasn’t angry, as the doctor’s speech reminded him of Alaska.

Last Words

Looking for Alaska Episode 8 Recap

Miles and the Colonel finally drove to the stretch of highway where she died. They sped up as they approached the memorial and stopped to cry and hug. They stole the bench and brought it to the Smoking Hole. Miles wrote his term paper for World Religions about Alaska. He believed her last words were, “To be continued.”

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