Looking for Alaska Episode 7 Recap


Looking for Alaska Episode 7 Recap

Looking for Alaska Episode 7 Recap

In the previous episode of Hulu’s Looking for Alaska, Miles and the Colonel helped Alaska leave campus in her car after insisting she needed to leave. In Looking for Alaska Episode 7, the Eagle delivers heartbreaking news to the whole school.

Labyrinth of Suffering

The Eagle woke the Colonel and Pudge to tell them that to go to the gym; they weren’t in trouble. After Mile realized that Alaska wasn’t there, Mr. Starnes told the school that Alaska had died in a car accident. The police believed she had been severely intoxicated since she hadn’t swerved. At first, Miles believed that Alaska was pulling a prank, but Mr. Starnes told him that he’d seen her body. The whole school cried in the gym. The Colonel went to Starnes to be expelled, confessing to setting off the fireworks. The Eagle comforted him.

Classes were canceled that day. The Colonel, Pudge, and Takumi went to the smoking hole. Takumi angrily blamed them for not stopping her from leaving. The Colonel had trouble breathing so he went for a walk; he kept walking all day and all night and turned around when it started to rain. Miles spent the entire day on the couch, mindlessly playing video games. The next morning, Takumi brought him breakfast, and they realized the Colonel had been gone. They got Lara to take them to search for him, but the Colonel arrived just as they were pulling out.

When classes resumed, Mr. Hyde shared Alaska’s question about life from her essay: “How will we get out of this labyrinth of suffering?” He assigned it to the class to answer it for themselves.

The Funeral

Looking for Alaska Episode 7 Recap

Sara told the Colonel that the charges against him were being dropped. She mentioned that the bus to Alaska’s funeral will be going past the spot where she died. The Colonel got Lara to drive them separately and go the long way. They arrived early, and Miles and Chip knelt next to Alaska’s grieving father. Miles broke down when he touched her casket, saying that he loved her present tense.

At the reception, the Colonel confronted her father and blamed him for Alaska’s death. Her father, weeping, agreed with him. Dolores comforted him. Outside, Jake and Fiona came across Miles, Chip, and Takumi smoking. Jake told them that he was the one that called Alaska before she left. He had reminded her that it was the two-year anniversary of them meeting. That’s what had upset her.

Straight and Fast

Looking for Alaska Episode 7 Recap

The Colonel and Pudge learned that Alaska father was coming to Culver Creek to gather her things. They went into Alaska’s room to get the things of theirs she had and to clear out the contraband. Following Keats’ will as an example, they divided her life’s library among them. Miles wanted her favorite book. In it, he read a note written by Alaska that made them believed she deliberately crashed her car.

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