Charmed Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Charmed Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

In the previous episode of the CW’s Charmed, Harry learned of the existence of darklighters, and Macy went with Harry’s darklighter. In Charmed Season 2 Episode 5, Abigael used her demonic powers to help Harry get into his subconscious, and Mel and Maggie used a banned spell to find Macy.

Harry’s Subconscious

Abigael used powers from her demonic side to help Harry access his subconscious. He was able to see his memories from when he was alive and human. Harry started with memories of his childhood, his grandmother, his father, and his first kiss. He learned that James, who he was before he became a whitlelighter, had another family. After opening a locked door, Harry found a paint of Castle Breithe, an enchanted fortress in Scotland.

Harry and Abigael used the command center to go to Castle Breithe in Scotland. He realized he’d been there before, when he’d just become a whitelighter. Fierce and deadly Calibans guarded Castle Breithe, but they had been killed. They found an altar where Harry had a vision. He saw the smoke of the darklighter escape his body into a bottle locked with a key. In the present, all the bottles on the shelves were broken with the darklighters inside turned to ash. Only the bottle of James Westwell was intact with no ash. Someone had let the darklighter out. Harry went back into his subconscious and saw his darklighter’s memory of Macy.

Absum Veri

Charmed Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

After a lead to finding Macy and the darklighter didn’t pan out, Mel and Maggie decided to use Absum Veri. It was a very powerful, banned tracking spell. They needed to recite an incantation over items representing things she dreads, denies herself, and desires. A demon hound arrived after they tried casting it. They went throughout the house, distracting the demon hound so they could try again. Unfortunately, the dog grew larger and more violent. Mel and Maggie decided to look for Macy’s journal. It would help them get into her head to get the spell right.

As the dog beared down on them outside of Macy’s room, Mell and Maggie searched for the journal. Mel received a text from Kat, a message from Marisol on the location of the journal. She’d drawn Harry, so they used it in the spell. They received coordinates from a now docile dog. Using the command center map, Mel and Maggie searched the coordinates but saw no red lights. Macy wasn’t in danger because Harry’s darklighter had feelings for her, just like he did.

Lingering Worms

Charmed Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

When Mel and Maggie walked by Kat’s shop, she stopped them. Kat told Mel that she’d been having visions of worms ever since they meditated. Maggie believed that Mel wasn’t being truthful about staying away from romance, as they all promised they would.

Kat was receiving instructions from someone not visible. She texted Mel on their orders.

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