Looking for Alaska Episode 6 Recap


Looking for Alaska Episode 6 Recap

Looking for Alaska Episode 6 Recap

In the previous episode of Hulu’s Looking for Alaska, the Colonel, Takumi, Alaska, Pudge, and Lara helped pull off a prank with Longwell and Kevin’s Duke admissions essays. In Looking for Alaska Episode 6, consequences for the prank are more dire than they realized.

The Jig Is Up

Just when the Colonel, Takumi, and Alaska thought they were in the clear, Sarah approached the Colonel with some bad news. Longwell’s parents knew someone on the Duke admissions board who tipped them off about their son’s essays. Their parents arrived to meet with the Eagle. They were threatening to sue the school. Unfortunately, the Colonel was seen that night while he chased after Longwell and Sarah going to their spot in the woods to have sex. The Colonel met with the Eagle, who had an offer. If he confessed, he – and only he – would be expelled. If the Colonel fought it, his friends would get in trouble too. He had until the morning to confess.

The Colonel drank with Alaska and Takumi in his room. He blamed Alaska and tried to distance himself from Takumi. In his eyes, the second he left, they would forget about him and move on.


Looking for Alaska Episode 6 Recap

When Pudge and Lara showed up to the room and found out, Pudge left to see the Eagle. He wanted to help the Colonel. The Eagle told him that he didn’t need to. Miles questioned the unfairness of it all. Because he was a legacy at Culver Creek, he was safe. Because Longwell and Kevin would be legacies at Duke, the prank wouldn’t actually hurt their chances to get in. Despite this, the Colonel, who was black and poor, would still be expelled.

As Pudge left the Eagle’s, Lara found him. She was relieved that they weren’t caught too and couldn’t see why Miles would risk expulsion too. Pudge valued loyalty to his friends, as he never had any before Culver Creek. He disagreed with Lara’s view of the situation and broke up with her.

Truth or Dare

Looking for Alaska Episode 6 Recap

Pudge found Alaska after the Colonel kicked them out of the dorm. He convinced her that the Colonel didn’t mean what he said. They found him passed out. After moving the Colonel to Pudge’s bed, Alaska suggested a game of Truth or Dare with wine. Alaska told him that she saw herself owning a bookstore in ten years, where she would be promoting his newest book Famous Last Words. They confessed that they’d wanted to kiss each other on Thanksgiving. Pudge lost his virginity to Alaska.

The phone outside was ringing, and Alaska left the dorm to answer it. She came back crying. Alaska needed to leave and asked Pudge and the Colonel to help her. The Colonel helped distract the Eagle with fireworks, while Pudge helped with the gate. He watched her drive away.

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