This Is Us Season 4 Episode 8 Recap


This Is Us Season 4 Episode 8 Recap

This Is Us Season 4 Episode 8 Recap

In the previous episode of NBC’s This Is Us, Randall and Beth gave Deja permission to date Malik with supervision. In This Is Us Season 4 Episode 8, Rebecca arrived in Philadelphia, and Nicky couldn’t find Kevin on the day of his hearing.


Rebecca arrived in Philadelphia ahead of Miguel, so she spent some time with Randall at his campaign office. She took a ton of pictures and misplaced her phone. When she couldn’t find it, she got unusually upset and defensive about it. When Randall voiced his concerns with her that something may be wrong, she got defensive about it again. Randall ended up hurting her feelings, and Rebecca closed the door in his face.

In the 90s, Randall often came home from college to do his laundry. While Kate went off with Marc, Randall fixed the dishwasher, and Rebecca told him that she needed to find a job since the insurance money was running out. Randall looked over her resume for her and drove her to an interview. When she got out, he knew that the manager had dismissed her, so Randall talked to him. He brought the family situation and offered to help her learn the software for the job. Later, she got the job.

Human Wrecking Ball

This Is Us Season 4 Episode 8 Recap

Nicky had realized that Kevin and Cassidy had slept together and yelled at Kevin. Later, Nicky couldn’t find him, so he called Cassidy to help him look. Kevin had gone to a bar, and though he didn’t drink, he picked a fight with a patron. When Nicky and Cassidy found him, Kevin’s face was bruised. Nicky reminded Kevin that his hearing was that day and that he was a character witness. Cassidy covered up the bruise with makeup and reassured Kevin that he didn’t break up her marriage.

During the hearing, Nicky gave a heartfelt speech about how his life had turned around after throwing the chair. He credited Kevin for helping him. Nicky received good news; if he stayed out of trouble for two years, his record would be expunged. That night, Kevin and Nicky dropped Cassidy off with her family, and Kevin invited Nicky to Thanksgiving in Philadelphia.

No Pressure

This Is Us Season 4 Episode 8 Recap

While on a date with Beth supervising, Deja and Malik had an argument, where Deja felt that Malik was pressuring her. Deja went to her room, upset, and told Beth to send Malik home. He didn’t want to, and eventually Beth learned what they argued about. Malik wanted Deja to tell Randall and Beth that she wanted to see her birth mother. They hadn’t made time to do it when Deja asked a while back. She wanted her mom to come for Thanksgiving. Beth apologized and agreed.


This Is Us Season 4 Episode 8 Recap

Kate and Toby were trying to get baby Jack on solid foods. Nothing worked, but Toby had to leave. He made Kate promise to hold off on trying without him. Kate went to Gregory’s house. He fed Jack avocado, which he ate. When Toby came home, he saw avocados Kate had gotten from Gregory’s tree. He gave some to Jack, who ate it. Toby thought it was the first time, and Kate didn’t say anything.

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