Looking for Alaska Episode 4 Recap


Looking for Alaska Episode 4 Recap

Looking for Alaska Episode 4 Recap

In the previous episode of Hulu’s Looking for Alaska, Alaska had been outed as the rat who got Paul and Marya expelled. In Looking for Alaska Episode 4, Alaska stayed at school for Thanksgiving and asked Pudge to stay with her.

Porn Hunting

Alaska successfully convinced Pudge to stay at Culver Creek with her, despite Pudge’s assurances to the Colonel and Takumi that he was Orlando-bound. Pudge had answered the payphone, thinking it was his parents, but instead, it was Jake. He told Pudge that Alaska had been avoiding his calls.

While everyone left for the Thanksgiving break, Alaska took Pudge “porn hunting”. They broke into their classmate’s rooms and looked for their alcohol and porn hiding places. After watching some, Alaska and Pudge walked through the woods, drinking wine and talking. Pudge told her that he knew she was avoiding Jake. They ran into Mr. Hyde, who invited them to his house. He told them about having been in love with a bartender named Diego when he was younger. Alaska and Pudge invited Mr. Hyde to their Thanksgiving plans at a diner, but he declined. When they got back to campus, Alaska called Jake to break up with him and brought sleeping bags for her and Pudge to sleep outside together.

Martin Thanksgiving

Looking for Alaska Episode 4 Recap

While grocery shopping with his mother, Dolores, the Colonel told her that Pudge and Alaska were staying at Culver Creek for Thanksgiving. Despite his protests, Dolores insisted on inviting them to Thanksgiving dinner. The Colonel found them asleep outside, holding hands. He invited them to Thanksgiving, begrudgingly. Dolores drove them to their home, a trailer with a small dry goods store attached to it. Dolores and Alaska cooked while Pudge and the Colonel set the table. They went around the table and said what they were grateful for. Inside, while cleaning, they had a fun dance party.


Looking for Alaska Episode 4 Recap

Pudge and Alaska would sleep over; Alaska insisted on sharing a bed with Pudge. As they got ready for bed, Alaska went to the Colonel to offer him Pudge’s slice of sweet potato pie. He told Alaska that their détente would cease the next day. She was still a rat, and he would freeze her out when they got back to school. Alaska went back to the room she was sharing with Pudge and lied down next to him. He tried to kiss her, but Alaska shoved him off the bed. Upset, she went to sleep outside.

When Dolores drove to drop the three of them off at school, the Colonel had her stop to let Alaska out. They couldn’t be seen with her. Dolores lectured him about how he was treating Alaska. She had Pudge and the Colonel get out too to walk with Alaska.

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