Looking for Alaska Episode 3 Recap


Looking for Alaska Episode 3 Recap

Looking for Alaska Episode 3 Recap

In the previous episode of Hulu’s Looking for Alaska, the Weekday Warriors and the Colonel agreed to a truce. In Looking for Alaska Episode 3, the Colonel worked to keep his ejection streak alive at basketball games, while Alaska helped Pudge and Lara go on their first date.


Alaska had arranged a triple and a half date, so that Pudge and Lara could go out on the date she had promised. Her boyfriend, Jake, visited from college, and the Colonel, Sara, and Takumi would join Pudge and Lara for the basketball game. The Colonel was on a streak of getting ejected from basketball games despite not being on the team. The Eagle secretly encouraged it.

Unfortunately, Paul and Marya had transferred to the school Culver Creek was facing that night. They believed that it was Alaska who ratted. She and Jake left immediately after the basketball game to visit his dorm. His friend, Fiona, arrived to take them to a party. Later, at Fiona’s dorm, she told Fiona that she and Jake deserved to be together. Alaska hitchhiked to Coosa’s Liquors before Pudge and Lara found her. While they had permission to leave campus, Alaska didn’t. The Eagle stopped her as they drove back. Alaska had ratted because the Eagle had discovered her with alcohol. She had agreed to rat to save herself from expulsion. She couldn’t get a scholarship to another school, and without, she couldn’t go to college to escape her family home. When Alaska arrived back to her room, “RAT” had been spray-painted onto her door.


Looking for Alaska Episode 3 Recap

At the basketball game, the Colonel’s heckling went too far. The player he targeted threw the basketball at him, and it hit Pudge square on the face. He had a concussion and vomited on Lara. She got changed and took him to the hospital in an old green limo that was decommissioned from her father’s driving business. While waiting at the hospital, Pudge learned about how Lara’s emigration to the US forced her to grow up early. They ran into Mr. Hyde, who had one lung and a cough.

Lara suggested that he sleep in her dorm with her, so that she could wake him up every four hours. However, when Pudge saw Alaska, he was too concerned over if she was okay. Alaska realized that Pudge didn’t know about the ratting accusations.

“Just Us”

Looking for Alaska Episode 3 Recap

Sara broke up with the Colonel. The Colonel had sided with Alaska, and Sara was sure that Alaska had ratted. She wanted the Colonel to believe her for once. It was low risk for him, because he didn’t have to admit it in front of anyone, just her. The Colonel refused.

Takumi believed that Alaska had ratted. She told the Colonel that he had seen Alaska leave the Eagle’s place the same day of the expulsions. Takumi had confronted Alaska earlier that morning, but she’d deflected.

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