Looking for Alaska Episode 2 Recap


Looking for Alaska Episode 2 Recap

Looking for Alaska Episode 2 Recap

In the previous episode of Hulu’s Looking for Alaska, Paul and Marya were kicked out of Culver Creek Academy, and the Weekend Warriors concluded that the Colonel had ratted. In Looking for Alaska Episode 2, the gang faced off with the Weekend Warriors in a prank war.

Harmless Pranks

The Colonel, Takumi, and Alaska tested Pudge, who had to convince them that he had a stake in the prank war just like them. Pudge passed, and the two groups exchanged pranks. They bricked the Weekend Warriors into their rooms, who in turn brought Takumi and all his things outside while he was sleeping. Pudge and Alaska put blue hair dye in their shampoo. The Weekday Warriors retaliated by cutting up the Colonel’s suit jacket. Unfortunately, the Colonel had purchased it for Sara’s debutante ball. He got the money by writing papers for other students.


Looking for Alaska Episode 2 Recap

Alaska helped The Colonel find a suit jacket at a thrift shop and altered it for him. She also bought a white dress for herself. The Colonel gave strict instructions to the group to leave the cotillion alone since it was important to Sara. She’d asked the Colonel to be there as a guest; he wasn’t allowed to be her escort since he wasn’t a member of the club. Instead, Longwell, one of the Weekday Warriors, would escort her.

When Alaska dropped the Colonel off, she parked in the back and let Takumi and Pudge out from the back. Earlier, they had snuck laxatives in the Weekday Warriors’ protein powder. While the cotillion was about to begin, Alaska, Takumi, and Pudge taped plastic wrap to the toilets in the men’s bathroom and removed all the toilet paper. Their plan worked, and Longwell was unavailable to escort Sara. When they asked for volunteers, the Colonel stood, but Sara’s father wouldn’t let him escort her.

Security at the country club were on the lookout for pranksters, and Alaska, Takumi, and Pudge were trapped. The Colonel saw them and set off the emergency sprinklers, ruining the cotillion. Sara didn’t seem to mind.

Trial and Punishment

Looking for Alaska Episode 2 Recap

Back at the Academy, the Colonel forgave them for sabotaging Sara’s debutante ball. Unfortunately, the Eagle walked in with Pudge’s keys. He had known that Pudge was involved in the pranks. However, Pudge didn’t rat and would face a trial of his peers for his punishment.

After a heartfelt speech to convince the jury, Pudge got away with only two weeks of cafeteria cleanup duty. He thought his speech had moved them, but instead, his friends had tampered with the jury. The Colonel promised to write papers, Takumi promised to help a juror with Halo 2, and Alaska promised Lara, a Romanian student, that Pudge would take her on a date.

At the end of the episode, we saw that the day Alaska had gone to Coosa’s for wine, the Eagle had caught her with the bottles.

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