Looking for Alaska Episode 1 Recap


Looking for Alaska Episode 1 Recap

Looking for Alaska Episode 1 Recap

Hulu’s mini-series, Looking for Alaska, is an adaptation of John Green’s first novel, a story inspired by Green’s time at a boarding school. At the beginning, we’re shown a car crash in the rain and a bouquet of white daisies. In Looking for Alaska Episode 1, Miles started at Culver Creek Academy, and a young couple were soon kicked out of the school for breaking the rules.

The Great Perhaps

Miles Halter’s mother threw him a going away party, though no one showed up. He had asked to go to Culver Creek Academy, where his father had gone to school. He’d wanted to leave Orlando and knew they’d let him go to the camp-like boarding school in Alabama. Miles’ parents drove him there, and his father pointed out the bell tower where he’d pulled a huge prank.

In his room, Miles met Chip “The Colonel” Martin, who nicknamed Miles “Pudge” out of irony. Pudge met Takumi Hikohito and came across the dean, Mr. Starnes, a.k.a. The Eagle, who was the only one who knocked three times. The Colonel took Pudge to meet his friend, Alaska Young, to buy cigarettes from her. Alaska used Pudge to demonstrate how someone had grabbed her breast over the summer. At the Smoking Hole, Pudge tried a cigarette but stopped when he learned it was against the rules. The Colonel left to meet his girlfriend, Sara, whom he hated, but Pudge wanted to wait for Alaska. Since Alaska had learned about Pudge’s obsession over famous last words, she introduced him to Simon Bolivar’s cryptic one about a labyrinth. If Pudge could figure out what he’d meant, Alaska would get him a girlfriend.

Never Rat

Looking for Alaska Episode 1 Recap

When Alaska had arrived at Culver Creek, she grabbed her friend and roommate, Marya to go with her to Coosa’s Liquors. Marya left her boyfriend, Paul, to move the rest of her things. She told Alaska that she and Paul had agreed to have sex that night for the first time. At Coosa’s, Alaska had successfully convinced the clerk she wasn’t in high school.

That night, while Alaska was out to give them space, Marya and Paul drank wine, smoked weed, and were about to have sex, when they heard three knocks. The Eagle had caught and expelled them from school. Everyone came out of their rooms to watch, and Paul claimed he knew that someone had ratted.

Weekday Warriors

Looking for Alaska Episode 1 Recap

Soon, The Colonel, Takumi, Pudge, and Alaska had formed a group. Their rival group, the Weekday Warriors, had decided to escalate their rivalry after Paul’s expulsion. However, Marya had been Alaska’s friend, and The Colonel’s girlfriend, Sara, was a Weekday Warrior. They approached Pudge to rat on The Colonel to them. As a prank, they threw Pudge in the lake with his arms and legs plastic-wrapped to his body. The lake’s aggressive swan had attacked Pudge immediately.

At the end of the episode, we were reminded of the car crash and a small bouquet of daisies in Alaska’s room.

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