Unbelievable Episode 7 Recap


Unbelievable Episode 7 Recap

Unbelievable Episode 7 Recap

In the previous episode Netflix’s Unbelievable, Karen gathered DNA evidence from someone they thought was Christopher McCarthy, but Grace met him at his door. In Unbelievable Episode 7, with two related suspects, Grace and Karen explored the possibility that they could be working together.

Last One at the Party

Karen and Grace now had two suspects, Christopher and Curtis McCarthy. With the Y-STR DNA tests, the sample Karen retrieved from Curtis would work to identify either of them. However, this introduced more room for reasonable doubt. With Curtis and his girlfriend’s social media, Curtis was alibied for three of the rapes, and the perpetrators methodology led Grace to feel that it was one person.

Grace told Karen that she should go home to her family. Karen described a time where she went out with her coworkers instead of going back to check on a domestic violence victim. The devastating consequences of that incident was the reason she had to see jobs done until the end. Though they had a good amount of evidence, there was a lot that could go wrong.

Arrest and Processing

Unbelievable Episode 7 Recap

Karen went to handle the arrest with Taggart, while Grace stayed behind. The police picked up both Chris and Curtis. Chris had the birthmark on his leg, but Curtis did not. The police processed Chris’s body, taking hair and DNA samples from him. Curtis was held in an interrogation room. When they confirmed that Curtis didn’t also have a birthmark on his leg, they confronted him about Chris’s behavior. Curtis had no idea.

At the McCarthy house, the police found the pink camera and Chris’s kit with everything used in all the rapes. Hidden in a guitar amp, they found the underwear Chris collected from his victims. From his computer, they found pictures of every victim they knew and one they didn’t – Marie.

Court-Mandated Therapy

Unbelievable Episode 7 Recap

Marie went to see Dara Kaplan for her court-mandated therapy. She was content with just sitting and not talking, since talking wasn’t a requirement. However, Dara suggested at least talking about a movie she’d seen recently to pass the time. Marie told her that she saw Zombieland recently. Dara asked her about zombies and what happened in the movie. Marie explained that eventually people turned on each other.

Dara was able to get Marie to trust her. Marie explained what had happened to her, and Dara believed her. Even if Marie had made it up, Dara knew there was at the very least a kernel of truth to it. Dara believed that Marie had been violated both by the perpetrator and by the police. If she had to do it all over again, Marie insisted that she would’ve lied sooner.

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