This Is Us Season 4 Episode 3 Recap


This Is Us Season 4 Episode 3 Recap

This Is Us Season 4 Episode 3 Recap

In the previous episode of NBC’s This Is Us, Kevin brought Nicky a ficus, and Randall and Beth prepped their kids for the first day of school. In This Is Us Season 4 Episode 3, Randall met with constituents, and Kevin tried to help Nicky after his arrest.


The newspaper ran a story about Randall being “unhinged”, literally. He had taken his door off its hinges to illustrate his open-door policy. On Mondays, constituents could come to talk to him about the problems they’re facing. While heading out the door to meet with other councilmen, another constituent came. Despite urging from his experienced aide, Bernice, Randall met with him and was nearly an hour late for his meeting. Bernice told Randall that he needed to work on making connections with the other councilmen to get what he needed to get done and to fire Jae-won. Randall fired Bernice since she wasn’t onboard with his radical policies.

Meanwhile, Malik told Deja that he had a daughter, and Tess confessed to her that, despite starting at a new school, she struggled to be out to her classmates.


This Is Us Season 4 Episode 3 Recap

We saw Nicky’s journey through therapy at the vet center that led to him throwing a chair through a window. He’d been reluctant to meet with the psychiatrist, but she gained his trust by having their sessions outside. Nicky was starting to get better, until his psychiatrist told him that she’d been transferred. He spiraled and drunkenly threw the chair through the window. Nicky faced a heavy fine and possible jail time.

Kevin took him to his session with the new psychiatrist. A positive outcome was important to Nicky’s future at the vet center as well as reducing the sentence. While waiting for Nicky, he met Cassidy and her son. Later, Kevin told Nicky that he needed to go to a meeting and Nicky had to come with him. After Kevin talked, both Nicky and Cassidy laughed at him.


Kate went out with Toby to meet clients and tried to cover for her when they were about to be seated at a booth. At home, Kate finally realized Toby had lost a lot of weight. He confessed that he had been sneaking off to work out. He wanted to be around for Jack, and Kate was hurt at the implication that she wouldn’t be.

While crying outside, her neighbor Gregory, who had previously complained about Toby’s car blocking the sidewalk, explained that he’d had a stroke and was re-learning walking, to put her problems in perspective. Later, Kate joined Gregory for his walk.

Strong Bonds

This Is Us Season 4 Episode 3 Recap

Jack made a costly mistake at work and was immediately fired. Miguel threatened to walk with his clients if Pritchard didn’t give him back his job, and it worked. At home, Rebecca and Kate did an aerobics video together. Lack of instant results for Kate discouraged her. Randall started school earlier and got in trouble for being out of dress code when he wore his Air Jordans. He freaked out and called home, where Kevin was having a “me” day. Kevin went to Randall’s school to forge Rebecca’s signature on a slip she had to sign.

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