Unbelievable Season 1 Episode 5 Recap


Unbelievable Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Unbelievable Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

In the previous episode of Netflix’s Unbelievable, Karen and Grace went to the FBI but held back their law enforcement theory, and Marie got a lawyer. In Unbelievable Season 1 Episode 5, Colleen acted on her doubts, and Karen and Grace started using the FBI’s ViCAP.

An Outline

Grace visited Lilly Darrow, who had escaped the rapist by jumping off the balcony. Because she’d drunk kava kava, a natural muscle relaxant, Det. Baskerville had questioned if there had actually been an intruder. He admitted his mistake to Karen, especially since there had been physical evidence. The footprint matched one found outside of Amber’s window, and the honeycomb glove pattern matched the Kirkland crime scene.

Taggart joined Grace and Karen’s team as they went through ViCAP results. After a slip-up from the intern, Elias, Grace and Karen admitted they suspected the rapist was a cop. Taggart questioned their thinking because the CSI effect could explain the assailant’s attention to detail. Meanwhile, Mia had tracked down the exact shoe and glove of the intruder, and ViCAP identified a similar string of rapes in Kansas. Grace had Elias pull suspicious vehicle records close to the victims’ homes. While cross-referencing the list of cops with military service with a list of cops with domestic abuse records, Grace came across James Massey, who fit the description.

Nose Goes

Unbelievable Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Karen went to Kansas to meet with the detective who handled the cases. In the case file box, Karen found a Rape Forensics Guide textbook. The detective found a copy on the dark web. Men used it to know what forensic traps to avoid. It could be two guys with the same book.

At a diner, a man leered at Karen and watched young women picking up food. Karen flashed his badge at him.


Unbelievable Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

At church, Karen saw Amber, who wasn’t a regular. Amber told Karen that she bought a gun. At the shooting range she’d met two men and slept with them. Karen told her it didn’t seem unusual. To her, it was obvious that Amber was grasping for control.

Sounds Familiar

Unbelievable Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Colleen showed Judith the report from Kirkland and expressed her concerns. Judith questioned if getting Marie involved in that investigation would be good for her. Colleen called the Kirkland detective, Det. Harkness, but when he reached out to Parker, he dismissed it and told Harkness about the false reporting charges.

Marie was having a tough time at work. Her supervisor, Evelyn, decided to take Marie off the floor because everyone heard about the false reporting. Nathan, who worked in the loading dock, creepily intimidated her and acted as if he was joking. When Connor came to pick her up, Marie argued with him. Evelyn chastised her for making a scene outside of the store, and Marie quit.

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